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A few weeks ago I asked you to send me info about the most important radio stations of your country so I could make a list to request Love Is On The Radio, well some of you sent me the info and with it and the one I already had I created a page with info of radios worldwide where you can request #LIOTR everyday and help to promote it!

Also if you know more radio stations and you want me to add them on the list just send me an email to and I’ll add them.

Click on the pic below to enter to the LIOTR request page and spread the word about it!!!

McFly LIOTR Request

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Tom and Giovanna attended the Olivier Awards tonight in London. Tom presented the award for Best Entertainment and Family.


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As you all may know Tom wrote a song for the Royal Air Force on it’s 100th anniversary and he played it at the Royal Albert Hall with Danny. Now we have the audio of that moment and it’s purely magic, their voices are just perfect together.

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Read below the interview Dougie and the rest of INK. did with Pause magazine and also plenty of new pics in the gallery.



Meet INK, formed of three friends: Dougie Poynter, Todd Dorigo and Cory Alexander. Each member comes from their own musical journey and the band works this to their advantage by producing genre-defying music. Discovering their interests in poetry, modern art and YSL, INK is far from your typical alternative rock band. The trio speak to PAUSE about all things music and menswear.

How did you guys meet?

Dougie: Just through being out an about in London. Yeah it was just like a whole bunch of ‘hey you guys are doing this too!’. We always gravitated towards each other and became friends with each other.

 Did you all meet individually?

Dougie: Yeah, so we just met being out and about in London and me and Todd started writing songs for no reason…they weren’t for anything. Just for fun. That kind of spiraled and turned into demos, until we were at the point were we were like ‘this sounds really cool and this could be a band’. Obviously the missing piece was a drummer. Cory was playing the bands and was recommended by a good friend of ours.

 How did you guys come up with the name INK?

Todd: Something that me and Dougie would always talk about is this artist called Ralph Steadman. He did cover art or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. We would always look at his artwork and when we were thinking of a band name, INK cropped up because he would start his pieces of art with a splat of ink. He would use that to build into some sort of illustration that reminded us of how we write a song. Starts as a small idea that grows into something unexpected.

How would you describe your music in one word?

Cory: Atmospheric

Dougie: We can pick any word? Escalator! *Laughs* Jheeze… yeah I’ll stick with escalator.

Todd: Anxious

Who are your musical influences?

Todd: I think what was cool is that we come from different musical backgrounds and have quite an eclectic taste, so it was interesting to find the crossovers. But for me Nick Cave and was a big one when we were writing, especially lyrically as well.

Cory: Incubus, Rage, Blink I guess from a genre perspective.

Dougie: Playing-wise, I like the way The Descendants bass player plays; I like the down-stroke kind of thing. Nowadays I am more interested in song writing, so not necessarily a specific genre like ‘I’m into heavy metal’- I’m more interested in great songs. It doesn’t have to be the hookiest melody… I like classical music… I have a really kind of broad… (taste). Like Todd said, we all come from different places, but that’s what made it so much fun when writing. It was pretty unpredictable, which leads us back to Ralph Steadman as we never knew where each song was going to go. I could present Todd with a little, tiny melody or a chorus and he could take in a completely different direction than I would, which was awesome. We would just keep on going back and forth and then Cory came along and waxes his stamp on it and that’s how we’ve ended up (with music).

How does your sound with INK contrast with your past career with McFly?

Dougie: The process is exactly the same really. Just a bunch of friends sitting around with acoustics first and demoing, and then taking it into a rehearsal studio with everyone bringing different influences. With McFly, everyone was into completely different things but that’s what made it what it was. It’s the same with this project. It may sound like a big difference, but at the end of the day we’re just musicians that play together.

 Tell us about the album. Is it finished?

Todd: It’s a 4 track EP. It’s all recorded and ready to go. We recorded it in Brussels in ICP Studios. We were there on the 1stJanuary.

 Wow, that’s not long ago! Is that when you started?

That’s when we recorded, yeah. We’ve have been writing since last May. We went straight from New Year’s Eve parties straight into the studio. It was a big way to kick off the year.

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Below there’s another interview of Dougie’s new band INK with Phoenix Magazine UK and some new pics aswell.


poynter INKPoynter INK


Though he’s already enjoyed stratospheric success with his first band McFly, Dougie Poynter is working from the ground up on his next big venture. INK are a three-man homage to good old-fashioned rock music, marking a maturing progression in sound for the ‘fit one from McFly’ and the blistering debuts of his bandmates, lead vocalist Todd Dorigo and drummer Corey Alexander.

With a sound hailing from a bygone era of rock n’ roll and a definite West Coast influence, INK have the kind of staying power the genre hasn’t seen since Queens of the Stoneage. Title track ‘Heaven’ begins with a galloping riff from Dougie, swiftly followed by a guitar chord straight conjuring the dusty trails of the Wild West and rumbling, baritone vocals. From the get-go, second track ‘Fever’ showcases stadium-worthy harmonies, and by the pre-chorus the crashing hi-hats have us lost in the imaginary mosh pit.
In a world of carefully engineered brand hookups, truly organic artistic collaborations are all too rare. They seem a somewhat quaint and romantic hangover from a past cultural era – think Mick Jagger and Keith Richards bumping into each other on the platform at Dartford train station (true story).

And yet INK really did form spontaneously. Dorigo and Poynter met on the London fashion scene where, says Poynter, ‘we were usually the only musicians.’ Both had ties to the industry – Dorigo has recently collaborated on the Burberry Acoustic campaign, while Poynter is a regular face at Fashion Week, who’s modeled for Louis Vuitton, Topman and Joshua Kane. They connected over what set them apart from the standard fash-pack, and when they were introduced to drummer Alexander (through the traditional ‘mutual friend’ route), the spark was lit.

‘As soon as I’d see Todd at one of these places, I’d make a beeline for him and we’d hang out,’ continues Poynter. And after ‘sliding into [Dorigo’s] DM’s’, it wasn’t long before the inevitable was set in motion.

‘The cool thing was, there was no real intention of starting a band straight away. I think my first message about writing to Todd was like, “do you want to come over with your guitar?”. We just wrote something there and then in a couple of hours, and it was very easy and lot of fun.’
‘In the end, I just set up camp at Dougie’s and we just had a month or two of wake up, write up, record,’ adds Dorigo. ‘Some days we’d get up and just chat for a couple of hours. We opened up about a lot of stuff, and it got quite personal.’

A chirpy morning coffee seems like unlikely origins for an EP that offers more than a murmur of the melancholy (they cite Nick Cave and poet Oliver Clarke as major references). I mention that their music sounds more like the product of sultry midnight beers. ‘Always the morning over a coffee,’ Dougie protests. ‘It was like caffeine fuelled therapy. I make some strong coffee, man!’

They may have not set out with the intention of hitting the studio (and then, naturally, the stage), but after accumulating ‘literally hundreds of ideas’ between them, it became evident that their little project was destined for greater things than Poynter’s dining table.

‘I’d been in a band before, but I was actually working for the family business in Yorkshire when I got the call,’ says Alexander, when I asked him where his part in the narrative began. ‘I was on a train and got a call from a friend, who said he’d thought I’d be good for it. He sent me some stuff and I thought it was great – I loved Todd’s voice and the vibe they had and we talked some more, and I drummed a bit…’, he trails off.

Poynter adds, ‘we’d auditioned a few guys already, and weirdly, the mutual friend had told us [about Corey] when we were still demo-ing’. He called me up and said, “Dougie mate. I’ve found you a drummer, look no further.” And he was right.’
…keep reading.

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As we all know McFly is in a kind of hiatus right now and during this time Dougie has formed a new band with two friends, Todd Dorigo and Corey Alexander. The band is called INK. and has more of a alternative rock vibe, completely opposite as what we know Dougie for in McFly.
Read below their interview with 1883 Magazine and check some pics on the gallery!

[x16]PHOTOSHOOTS > 2018 > 1883 MAGAZINE

Dougie INKDougie INKDougie INKDougie INK

Dougie Poynter, Todd Dorigo and Corey Alexander are three mates with a lot of talent and have joined together to form INK. Each successful in his own right. Dougie, arguably best known for his membership in chart-topping McFly, Todd, an experienced solo artist with Glastonbury on his CV and finally, Corey, a Musical Institute LA graduate.

With a sound that can be described as a modern post-punk revival, INK. has all the ingredients for an honest and organic collaboration. We joined the guys in a London’s Covent Garden to talk about working as a trio, instant validation and what we can expect from debut EP ‘Heaven’ out now.

Introduce yourselves…

T: So, I’m Todd. Todd Dorigo over here.

C: I’m Corey.

D: I’m Dougie and a Sagittarius.

How did you guys get together?

T: Dougie and I would kind of meet, like bump into each other, on nights out, here and there in London over the last couple of years. Eventually, as musicians do, they eventually find themselves with some guitars lying around. That’s how we found ourselves writing very casually with no sort of goal. Fast forward a few months or so after that, we had all of these songs and we kind of found ourselves in a band and we thought we need a third. A rhythm section. So, then a friend of Dougie’s recommended Corey to us.

Did you [Corey] have to do an audition or anything?

D: There wasn’t an audition, but more a sort of… vetting process…

How did it feel being that third, final member, the final piece of the puzzle?

C: It was really nice, the way they approached it was really cool. It was making it a band. It felt really nice.

D: Yeah once we approached it, and checked out his criminal records- they were all clear. His medical records, they were all good. He was in. He had to pee in a cup to get into the band.

Did you know the name of the band before you became the three or was it a joint decision?

D: Did you (Corey) know what we were called before?

C: When we started speaking it was just… no. They had ideas and, we kind of finalised the fact we were going to do this.

T: I think we were throwing ideas around and INK. was one of them. We hadn’t decided.

D: It makes sense because it’s a three-piece, three letters. The reason for INK. collective was while Todd and I were doing a lot of our writing, we would talk a lot about this artist called Ralph Steadman, he did a lot of the artwork for Hunter S Thompson, Gonzo, early Rolling Stones illustrations. But, he starts a lot of his work with just a single splat of Indian ink and then has to create something from that splat. He never knows what it is going to look like which is kind of like how we were writing songs. Todd would come in with a riff and we would take it from there. There was never any like target of who we wanted to sound like, what we wanted to sound like. Every song had a life of its own like a painting.

How do you each keep your own identity in the band?

C: Allowing each other to have a voice.

T: I mean I just want to be Dougie.

D: And I want to be Todd.

What makes this work as a trio?

C: We all bring different things to it, we all have different influences.

T: I’d say I’ve written with a lot of people in the past and I’d say it’s quite rare to find someone that you work really well with. One of the reasons is our pace of writing. We give each other that space to breathe. Sometimes we sit with each other in silence, staring at the window.

I thought you were going to stare into each other’s eyes…

D: Out the widow, not into each other’s eyes!

I’ve written with tons of people before, but with Todd the pace of it was exactly the same. Coming from two separate worlds as well, Todd introduced me to a whole bunch of things I was not aware of before, it was just a lot of fun.

Dougie, you’ve come from McFly and then that turned into McBusted, what is it about collaborative work that you enjoy?

D: I’d say since day one, I’ve always done it. With McFly and Busted, both Tom and James wrote songs for each other’s bands so James would come over and write songs with us. I think it is a lot easier when you are writing songs for another band, you don’t get in your own head. I think every musician does it, seeing what another musician thinks of your idea and what they can add to it, especially if they are from a completely different world, it can take you down a completely new path.

Like peer evaluation?

D: Yeah, exactly!

odd, you used to perform solo, how is it different to now being in a band. What do you prefer?

T: All by myself… I think one of the positives I’ve definitely taken from it is in the writing process. Its instant feedback, the back and forth of ideas. For years I have just been writing on my own and you have to wrestle with yourself and you can go so far without anyone saying no that’s a bad idea or that’s great. There’s no one to encourage you so that is a massive positive which definitely made me excited to keep writing with Dougie. Just the experience of something as a group of mates. It feels like you’re in a gang.

D: And you can point the finger elsewhere if it goes wrong.

C: He did it!

You have a couple of EP’s coming out, what can our readers expect from these?

D: Well the first EP comes out today, that’s a taster but it just scratches the surface of what we have been doing. Then we are going to do another one and then put them together and create an LP. But as I said, we don’t know musically where it’s going to go. It’s just doing its own thing which is really nice again not to try and hit a moving target.
…keep reading.

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McFLY’s Tom Fletcher has released the stunning music video to accompany the release of The Musical Edition of his hit novel ‘The Christmasaurus’.

The tear-jerking picture released yesterday is based on the true story of teenager Lily Rice, who is the first European female to perform a backflip in a wheelchair.

Lily, who stars in the video alongside pop singer Tom, has a condition called hereditary spastic paraplegia which causes muscle rigidity.

Yet she was able to achieve the feat in Cariff after six hours’ practice.

The video is set to his track Afraid Of Heights, one of 14 new songs culled from his CD The Christmasaurus, the musical edition of his debut novel of the same name.

All written and performed by Tom, they are accompanied by a full orchestra and include surprise solos from Giovanna Fletcher – Tom’s wife – and Carrie Hope-Fletcher, his sister.

The Christmasaurus is also set for a stage show at London’s Eventim Apollo for a limited run from December 21 – 28.

Harry Judd, Matt Willis, Giovanna, and Carriewill are all set to appear alongside Tom on-stage in the festive spectacular.

The Christmasaurus is also being turned into an animated feature film directed by Michael Gracey, who recently directed the film The Greatest Showman On Earth starring Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and Michelle Williams.

Tom remains a guitarist on McFly.


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Danny is the new face of Matalan this christmas and he has done some special videos with the brand talking about christmas and family that you can watch below.

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Are Danny and Georgia expecting a boy???… We’ll see in a few months but looks like he accidentally said they are having a mini Danny at the ITV Gala.

The McFly musician has dropped a major hint at the sex of the couple’s unborn child.
Speaking exclusively to OK! Online at the ITV Gala, Danny Jones appeared to reveal that he is set to become a father to a son, as he referred to the baby as a ‘he’.
When asked if he’s excited about fatherhood, Danny – who walked the red carpet with bandmate Harry Judd – replied: “Yes, I can’t wait. It keeps having hiccups, I love it, I just laugh my head off when he’s got hiccups! I’m like I know how that feels man!”

Meanwhile, Harry appeared to further confirm that Danny could be having a boy, as he said: “We’re all just excited to meet Danny’s kid – Danny Junior.”
Danny and Georgia, who married in 2014, previously shared a video that revealed how they told their friends and family the sweet news.
The first part of the video was Danny discovering he was going to be a dad, with the stunner sitting down with the singer on their bed, before handing him a positive pregnancy test.

He broke down in tears before embracing the former Miss Great Britain.
Another clip saw Danny’s McFly bandmates, Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd, find out another little one was on the way.
As they all pose for a picture, Danny announces they need to make room for one more leading to many shocked faces.

Danny previously sent fans wild after he posted a picture of a pair of his suede Chelsea boots – next to a very tiny pair of similar looking footwear.

However, wife Georgia then tweeted: “Just a pair of unisex grey shoes guys!! We absolutely 100% don’t know what we’re having! #lovesurprises.”


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Tonight Danny and Harry attended the ITV Awards in London. Georgia and Izzy were there to support them and they both looked stunning as usual!
Check all the pics in our gallery.



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