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A few weeks ago I asked you to send me info about the most important radio stations of your country so I could make a list to request Love Is On The Radio, well some of you sent me the info and with it and the one I already had I created a page with info of radios worldwide where you can request #LIOTR everyday and help to promote it!

Also if you know more radio stations and you want me to add them on the list just send me an email to and I’ll add them.

Click on the pic below to enter to the LIOTR request page and spread the word about it!!!

McFly LIOTR Request

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I don’t know if the show is recorded or no but McBusted are on the Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw tomorrow to play Call or Delete. Who would be their victim?? tune in to BBC Radio 1 tomorrow from 6:30 am to find out!!

You can also listen to the show online HERE

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Today the boys started their radio tour in Brighton, the radio stations they went to were Splash FM and then Wave 105 Radio. I added to the gallery some pics of them on the last one with Simon Clarke who interviewed them and with some fans.


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I know this was a while ago now but I only managed to get some time to upload the pics from the event now so here you have some amazing HQ pics of McBusted at the Pride Of Britain Awards.


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Ed Sheeran has released a new book and on it he says he has written a song with James for McBusted so I hope they include the song on the album because I’m sure it’s a really good song.

ed sheeran mcbusted

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In a few weeks McBusted will be in Nottingham to perform at the Capital FM breakfast show Dino & Pete Exposed at a secret location. You can already buy your tickets to the event for £12 HERE

Dino & Pete Exposed Is Back!
… supported by their ‘House Band’ McBusted!

Dino and Pete Exposed is BACK and you’re all invited! Come along and watch the Breakfast Show take place LIVE from a secret location on Thursday 30th October!

But of course, they won’t be on their own. Get ready to scream as – drum roll please – the fantastic supergroup, McBusted will be taking to the stage too!

It’s all in aid of our very own charity, Global’s Make Some Noise, with thanks to Central College Nottingham.

On Thursday 30th October you’ll arrive at the exclusive event in a top secret venue from 8am, with McBusted rocking the stage for a one of a kind Breakfast Show. Make sure you check back here for more information and updates on everything Dino and Pete Exposed.

Tickets are just £12 per person and if you’re under 18 you’ll need to be accompanied by an adult. But be quick as we only have limited spaces available…


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5. McBusted: ‘Air Guitar’ (released November 23)
After the genius of their sold-out tour earlier this year, McBusted have unleashed their official debut (!!) single upon the world. The message is simple: head bang with your air guitar to the rawk-ish pop-rock chorus and embrace your inner superstar. It’s loud, it’s juvenile, but most importantly of all, it’s great fun.


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Ever dreamed of being in a McBusted music video? YOUR TIME HAS COME. This is your Beyoncé moment, if Beyoncé were a guitar wielding rock god.

McBusted have a brand new single called ‘Air Guitar’ and it’s more awesome than a pug wearing clothes. Now they want YOU (yes you) to appear in a special fan based music video for the track.

All you need to do to enter is upload a video to Instagram or Vine featuring you (or you and your pals) rocking your very best air guitar moves, along with the hashtag #McBustedAirGuitar.

Here’s a video message from McBusted themselves to explain more:

AGH IT’S EXCITING. We’re already planning the video we’re going to submit – we’re thinking crazy wigs, we’re thinking dressing up like Dougie, we’re thinking of hiring a micropig for the occasion.

The videos can be as simple or as out there as you like – whether you’re in your bedroom or standing in a field rocking out with a Scarecrow – as long as it’s clear you’re going air guitar crazy your clip has a chance of being included in the final video.

What are you waiting for? Get hashtagging #McBustedAirGuitar you wonderful human (but check out all the Terms and Conditions here first).


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Here at Sugarscape HQ, we still haven’t gotten over the McBusted union. It has got to be up there with the best things to EVER happen to us. In fact, it is the best thing that’s ever happened to us.

Not only because they’re actually really kinda good at playing their instruments and all that malarky, but because they make really great guitar faces. We’ll kick it off with this beautiful mishmash of Dougie Poynter and Matt Willis, just to get ya in the mood.

To be honest, we’re not sure what we love more – the fact that they’re wearing dresses or the pure strain of emotion on their faces. In fact, so strained that Dougie looks like he’s trying to have a poo. Heh.

No Danny, your mum in the crowd can’t hear you yodelling even when you open your mouth that wide.

We reckon Tom and James were having a quick shimmy, and James stood on his foot. Oops.

“Look Ellie, I can play the guitar, impersonate Superman and fit a whole cake in my mouth all at the same time.” Amazing, Dougie, profound. In other news, is that a cheeky bit of nipple we see?

Matt’s been trying to impersonate the Kardashian/Jenner pouts since the first series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. As you can see, he’s getting pretty close. Ahem.

We can’t decide if Jimmy Neutron Tom Fletcher looks like he’s holding in a fart, or if he just let one slip.

Obviously, we couldn’t forget about drummer Harry. Hidden away behind that drumkit, his face is a picture of sorrow because he can’t frolick on stage with the rest of the band. We feel your pain.

Ok ok so this isn’t actually of Mr Judd’s face, but we did drool slightly over his beautiful back. Mmm.

Whaddaya think? Who has your fave guitar/drum face? Give us a line or two below, after watching McBusted talk about showering with One Direction. UM, HELLO.


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The Pride of Britain awards are always a bit of a struggle. Not just because our emotions take a battering from all the incredible stories, and not just because we literally cry ourselves enough tears to run a bath with, but because the fittest boys in the world are always on the red carpet.

Faves including McBusted and Union J arrived to celebrate some of the coolest folks in the country, and now we reckon it’s only fair that we celebrate the Pride of Sugarscape – aka some really fit fitties who sent us into a bit of a flap.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the McBusted boys all out in force together, but they rocked the red carpet last night with some very jazzy hair and some very shiny shoes on offer. Tom was looking a bit like a mad scientist, Dougie like Indiana Jones’ long lost son, and James was sporting the most impressive moustache we’ve ever seen.

Danny looked confused by life as usual, Matt was glowing like a packet of Skittles, and obviously Harry was looking more suave than a penguin doing the rumba. All in all they looked glorious and we LOVE THEM.


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