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A few weeks ago I asked you to send me info about the most important radio stations of your country so I could make a list to request Love Is On The Radio, well some of you sent me the info and with it and the one I already had I created a page with info of radios worldwide where you can request #LIOTR everyday and help to promote it!

Also if you know more radio stations and you want me to add them on the list just send me an email to and I’ll add them.

Click on the pic below to enter to the LIOTR request page and spread the word about it!!!

McFly LIOTR Request

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Watch below the McBusted boys surprising two fans at the O2 Arena for the TV Show Surprise Surprise.

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The Tadworth-based brain injury charity helped the pop star’s brother-in-law after a car crash in 1997

McBusted heartthrob Harry Judd described the Children’s Trust in Tadworth as an “amazing place” when he visited young people undergoing brain injury rehabilitation there.

Harry was accompanied by his wife Izzy on Tuesday (December 16) – the couple have been keen supporters of the charity based at Tadworth Court for a number of years.

Izzy’s brother Rupert supported the charity after he sustained a serious brain injury in a car accident in 1997.

Harry said: “The Children’s Trust is an amazing place which helps to make life a bit more normal for those being treated.

“The children there are very brave. Despite what’s going on in their lives, they still have beaming smiles and infectious laughter. It was a pleasure to meet them all.”

Harry met 14-year-old Emily Newman from Chelmsford in Essex, who was hurt in a road crash earlier this year and has been at The Children’s Trust since September.

She said: “It was brilliant to meet Harry, I love McBusted.

“I had my photo taken and he signed an autograph – it was amazing.”

If you’d like to support The Children’s Trust, you can visit the charity’s website.


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In July, the launch of Secret Cinema’s Back to the Future event was a comprehensive debacle. But not every reboot inspired by the time-travel franchise fared so badly. For McFly and pop-punk trailblazers Busted, the decision to join forces was one of 2014’s more surprising success stories.

In a management office in south-west London, as McBusted’s first full year together draws to a close, I put it to the six members that their merger could easily have been a fiasco.

“Hold on,” says Dougie Poynter, one of the supergroup’s two bassists. “Define fiasco.”

“Well, it could have been really embarrassing,” accepts his McFly bandmate Tom Fletcher.

“It really was a huge gamble,” agrees Busted’s James Bourne. “We put everything on red. If it had gone badly, both bands would have looked shit.”

That bet paid off. Having tentatively announced 11 arena dates, the band ended up selling out 33 on a tour whose set-pieces included spaceships, giant inflatables and a flying DeLorean; in the summer, they headlined a 65,000-capacity Hyde Park show. More recently, McBusted released their first album, and announced a second arena tour.

“Even NME did an all right piece about us,” announces drummer Harry Judd. “Whereas 10 years ago they captioned a photo ‘From left to right: Cunt, Twat, Dickhead and Wanker.’”

“I remember us all standing on a UFO, hanging from the ceiling of the O2,” Poynter says. “And I was just shouting to the other guys, ‘How did we get here?’”

It’s a complex story. In 2000, Bourne and Matt Willis formed the band that would become Busted. Charlie Simpson joined, but Busted’s management kept in touch with another auditionee, Tom Fletcher, who formed McFly with Poynter, Judd and Danny Jones. Busted helped launch McFly; Fletcher wrote for Busted, Bourne wrote for McFly. Between them, the two acts scored platinum albums, numerous No 1s and record-breaking tours, and helped to introduce an entire generation of teenagers to guitar music.

When Simpson left Busted and that band came to an abrupt end, McFly continued, but by 2013 their success had plateaued. McFly and Busted never received huge radio support, but they broke through thanks to a network of institutions such as Smash Hits, CD:UK, and Top of the Pops, all of which fell away during McFly’s decade together.

“It gets hard,” Fletcher says today. “It’s the same for a lot of pop bands. You start at No 1. All your singles are No 1s. But then you have a No 2. Then a three. Then another band comes along.”

McFly were smart enough to buoy their profile with individual appearances on shows such as I’m a Celebrity …, Popstar to Operastar and Strictly Come Dancing. But three attempts to record their sixth album had proved frustrating. “We’d go away, write, feel happy with what we’d done, then come back and realise that the music wasn’t as good as we’d thought,” Judd admits. “And then we’d go off on tour.”

Busted’s former members encountered their own difficulties. “I had no Plan B,” Willis recalls. “During the final weeks of Busted, there were whispers in my ear: ‘You’re going to be a solo artist!’ I was like: ‘Er, I don’t know if I want to do that – but OK!’ I didn’t really care. I’d never thought it through. I had no idea what I should be doing.”

Against the odds, he made a rather good solo album, but it sold poorly. He says now that following Busted’s demise his main highpoint was “finding a dealer who’d deliver wherever I wanted – I had ‘Gakman’ on speed dial”. A typical night, he admits, would involve his mates sitting around his phone bellowing an amended version of the Batman theme. Meeting future wife Emma Griffiths was “the only thing that helped”.

For Bourne, whose own post-Busted project, Son of Dork, also failed, there was a problem. “People would just say: ‘What happened to your band?’ Record labels saw me as a guy who used to be successful. When I was 22, an A&R at Atlantic Records told me I was too old to do music.”

Bourne moved to America to pursue his songwriting, but even after he had launched his own musical Busted, being in a band was an itch he needed to scratch. In 2008, he and Willis came close to signing a new deal as Busted, but Simpson still owned a third of the band’s name, and without the name that deal fell through. (Six years on a song from that period, What Happened To Your Band?, became one of the McBusted album’s more poignant moments.)

More recently, Bourne was fielding calls from ITV’s The Big Reunion. “I’ve got friends in bands who did The Big Reunion,” he says. “It’s worked for them, and that’s fine. But The Big Reunion would have taken our band to the bonfire and burnt it. It would have flushed everything that was good about our band down the toilet.”

Avoiding that Busted flush proved a wise move, even if McBusted eventually happened by accident.

In 2013, Bourne was back in the UK to see his family, and made a last-minute decision to see McFly perform in Manchester. Before the support act, McFly suggested it would be fun for James to go out and sing a few numbers. The audience went berserk. “I came off,” he remembers, “and everyone backstage was going crazy, too.”

What happened next is proof that the often lackadaisical music industry can move surprisingly quickly when a large sack of cash is on the horizon. “It was very strange that night,” recalls Danny Jones from McFly. “After the gig I said to our live agent: ‘Do you want to come for a beer?’ And he was like: ‘Sorry, I’ve got a meeting.’” Later that night, Bourne says: “There was a knock on my hotel room door. It was our manager, with a list of potential tour dates.”

McBusted began to take shape. The next step was for Willis and Bourne to join McFly on stage at their 10th anniversary shows at the Royal Albert Hall. The surprise union of two bands with such a powerful shared history prompted social media meltdown. Subsequently, the pair met Simpson to discuss buying his portion of Busted’s name. It was the first time the trio had been in the same room since Busted’s final press conference; the smalltalk, Willis laughs, was fairly excruciating, but a deal was done and McBusted was go.

Willis and Bourne didn’t ask Simpson to join McBusted, which in theory means he has not refused, which in turn does not rule out a future return. Bourne phrases things slightly differently: “He hasn’t been invited.”

The chap who inspired McFly’s bandname would no doubt point out that it’s hard to predict how going back into one’s own past can affect your immediate future, but McBusted seem unfazed by what their own future might or might not hold. “We’re basically making this up as we go along,” Bourne cheerily reports.

“And that’s the awesome thing,” Poynter says. “It’s like driving in fog: there could be a pileup ahead, or it could be a nice straight road.”

This would be the ideal point for one of the band to note that where McBusted are heading, they don’t need roads. Instead, talk turns to the red carpet run at that night’s Cosmopolitan awards, where they are due to win the Men of the Year gong. The defining McBusted image – the one that captures precisely how thrilled both bands were to have found a way to move their music forward – was taken on the red carpet at a Hunger Games premiere where the sextet formed a human pyramid. Tonight, they say, they have an even better idea.

A few hours after I have said goodbye to McBusted I check Twitter to see what, exactly, they achieved. And there it is: a photograph of the band on the red carpet. Two are on their knees with their heads bent back, three are standing, one seems to be falling into another. Between them, Busted and McFly have managed to spell out the word “dick”. It might not be the height of sophistication but it’s entertaining, distinctive, and neither band could have done it alone.

• The album McBusted is out now on Island. McBusted tour the UK in March and April 2015. Details:


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She became an honourary McBusted member for a one-off performance after Sunday night’s X Factor final.
So naturally, Dougie Poynter was looking for his opportunity to return the favour when he stepped into percussion during Ellie Goulding’s Shepherds Bush gig on Tuesday night.
‘Ellie Goulding & Friends’ at the O2 Empire, saw the 27-year-old blonde joined on stage by her doting boyfriend, who wilfully picked up a tambourine to support her.

Ellie stuck a proud arm around her beau as he clutched tightly to his instrument during her stage performance and she later captioned an Instagram picture with a heart.

The support act comes just two days after Ellie joined McBusted as a back up guitarist on a unique performance for the Xtra Factor.
Starry Eyed singer Ellie joined Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Harry Judd, James Bourne and Matt Willis while Dougie played the air guitar in the background.

Ellie recently told Capital FM that she wishes Dougie could sing more in the band, confessing: ‘We sing together right, not in a really cheesy way, but we sing in a jokey way, because we used to like the same bands. That’s one of the things we’ve bonded over.’
Gushing over his voice, she added: ‘He has got a really amazing voice. I’m always going on about male voices that I discover, incredible male vocals, etc. His voice literally makes me melt, and he doesn’t believe me!’

On stage, Dougie and Ellie, who have been dating since April, boasted the same blonde tone to their messy locks and the duo appeared to be hard to tell apart as they seem to have begun dressing very similarly.

On Tuesday, the couple left the West London venue in similar long, black blazers while both sweeping their hair over to one side.
Dougie looked pleased to be supporting his beauty as he carried her flowers out of the event where she’d recruited the star power of Bastille, Birdy and Tom Odell to help raise money and awareness for homeless people in London.
Captioning a picture from outside the venue, Ellie said: ‘Last night was just so wonderful I can’t put it into words. Can’t thank these artists enough, and my band and crew and Shepherds Bush Empire crew for making it such a special evening- so many warm hearts x’


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One of the workers of the Malaysian mail online did an article about his fave albums from 2014 and surpriseeee McBusted’s album is on the list.

McBusted — McBusted

What’s this boy band crap doing on my list, you ask? While I’m not a fan of Busted, I’ve always been a big fan of McFly as I’ve always had a soft spot for mainstream British pop-rock of this ilk, like the should’ve-been-big Dum Dums. This combination of both McFly and Busted is quite simply awesome.

Being such a nerdy student of songwriting, it’s just remarkable to witness just about every incarnation of the “mall punk” genre get a fresh new sheen here, courtesy of McFly’s way around a good melody. Before You Knew Mesounds like a great lost New Found Glory tune. What Happened To Your Band is just an anthem waiting to happen. And the list goes on and on!


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D’ya know what two things we love potentially more than our own mothers? McBusted and Christmas. So obviously, when you combine these things the result is frickin’ fantastic. Sort of like when Busted covered Hark! The Herald Angels Sing back in the day and it was literally everything.

Well last Dougie, Danny, Matt, Tom, Harry and James decided to give us an early Christmas treat with their fancy, well-high-tech Google+ hangout thingy, and it sort of ended up like a more beardy school nativity in which it’s acknowledged from the outset Joseph’s pissed off he ain’t the dad.

Now we’ve always felt the three wise men were properly underrated in the whole situation, but maybe if they’d looked more like this people would have paid more attention?

In further news Tom decided to vlog a vlog, which is no doubt gonna confuse the sh*t out of our mum who’s only just starting to understand the concept of ‘a Zoella.’

Dougie Poynter made the most perfect little angel and we wanna shove him on tp of our tree and all that malarky.

The chilli challenge bit was also dead good. HOT HOT.

Look we’re not being funny but it was literally an hour long and we’d be here all day if we went through everything so here it is. You’re welcome.


What d’ya make of that, then? Tweets @Sugarscape, please and a-thank you.


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Finally the day has arrived and we can watch the official video for McBusted’s next single Get Over It, the video it’s a crazy one but in a good way:) watch it below and let me know your thoughts on the comments or on twitter @poyntersource
Also make sure everytime you watch the video you press the refresh button to do it as it’s the only way the views will count (yeah I hope that you guys watch it more than once and it gets a lot of views)

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The supergroup that is McBusted just gained a new member.

Dougie Poynter’s girlfriend Ellie Goulding temporarily joined the band, replacing her other half on bass guitar during their performance of Air Guitar on Xtra Factor.

The group were Sarah-Jane Crawford’s ‘house band’ following the X Factor final, which saw Ben Haenow beat Fleur East to the 2014 title.

With both Dougie and Ellie rocking rather similar hair dos at the moment, you could have been forgiven for missing Ellie’s brief cameo towards the end of last night’s show.

Ellie was quietly rocking out in Dougie’s place, prompting Sarah-Jane to remark afterwards: ‘Someone’s had a bit of a makeover!’

Ellie definitely looked like she enjoyed her guest appearance in McBusted, but we think it’s probably a one-off. Boo.


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Harry Judd: The anti-Harry Styles

While it’s no secret that One Direction’s Harry Styles boasts a grand total of four nipples, it seems the same can’t be said for Harry Judd off of McBusted fame. While we’ve seen him with his top off a fair few times, we’ve always been under the impression the lad has an arguably-more-standard two…until he decided to rip ‘em off for the band’s Get Over It music video.

Yup – for the next single lifted off the McBusted album our Harreh’s decided to rip his nips and it’s all a bit batsh*t cray cray. There’s also a bit of casual murdering going on in an otherwise quite bland-looking office envirnoment, which is interesting.

We’ve had the boys’ album on pretty much constant repeat since they first chucked it own our lugholes, and now there are a few Get Over It video teasers on the World Wide Web for your viewing pleasure. Here’s the whole nipple/murder situation. Casual.

Here’s one where they just shove loads of people about a bit.

And here’s another one where Tom Fletcher gets well sassy and says ‘bitch’ and stuff.

What d’ya make of that, then? Excited for the vid? Tweets @Sugarscape, purdy please.


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