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This morning we had a live Twitter chat with the lovely Dougie and Tom from McFly and, at the risk of sounding like their elderly aunt… they were such nice boys!

We had an interview scheduled to talk to the pair about their new children’s book The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas, so we thought ‘why not invite our followers along for a natter too?’ The more the merrier. From 11 until 12 the questions came flying in, so much so we could barely keep up and, without wishing to brag (ok, well maybe a little bit), our hashtag #AskMcFly was the top trend worldwide. That’s WORLDWIDE people!

In case you’re wondering, the idea for the book stemmed from a combination of Dougie’s fascination with reptiles, Tom’s love for Christmas, and their mutual obsession with poop. As a result, as you’ll see from our full list of Q&As, these were the core, somewhat surreal, themes of our chat!

One question from @musicmcfly in Argentina (did I mention the worldwide thing?), that strayed from these topics and stood out for me, asked the boys to name their favourite children’s authors. Tom chose Dr. Seuss and Dougie went for the author of Animorphs K.A. Applegate.

I think everyone has at least one book that’s etched into his or her childhood memories. My favourite stories are intertwined with and, in some ways, are just as important as real life experiences. A quick straw poll around the office confirmed this theory and highlighted a selection of authors that we all love. Roald Dahl, Judy Blume and A.A Milne were a few of the names that kept popping up.

Roald Dahl was definitely one of my firm favourites. The Witches, The Twits, The BFG… all twisted tales packed full with deliciously dark humour. I loved that his books often dealt with grizzly sometimes scary subjects, not your typical, run of the mill, ‘child-friendly’ topics. I couldn’t get enough of them.

Which authors did you love as a child? Are there any books that you’ve passed on to your children? I’d love to know!



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