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  1. Most people spend their birthday eating cake and opening presents but not Dougie Poynter.
    The I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here star spent his 24th birthday in the Australian jungle but he wasn’t sitting around bored.
    The McFly star agreed to complete the latest Bushtucker trial after Mark suggested he should do it on his special day.

    But Dougie wasn’t so sure about doing it at first.
    ‘Fatima will nail this Bush Tucker Trial but I’m happy to give it a go,’ he told the group.
    ‘I have to do relatively well as everyone is bumming out today.’
    The group were not so enthusiastic for Willie to take part as he told them: ‘I will get the stars and then I’ll drop them.’
    As Dougie arrived at the trial, hosts Ant and Dec attempted to sing Happy Birthday to the star but he asked them to stop while laughing.

    The pair then asked him if he was looking forward to doing the trial.
    ‘I knew they would make me do it as it was my birthday and because I was a naughty traitor,’ Dougie answered.
    Race Around The Clock saw Dougie lay down on a giant clock where he pulled himself around it and put his face into several boxes that were placed at different numbers on the clock.
    Inside each box was a different jungle critter and the musician had only ten minutes to release all six stars.

    Giggling nervously, Dougie began the trial and turned himself round to two o’clock.
    As he put his head in the box, stick insects fell on his head but he managed to release the star from the hoop using his teeth.
    At four o’clock, he faced lots of snakes, but he wiggled the star around several bends and finally released it.
    Two hours later on the clock, Dougie was smothered in fly pupae but the star kept his cool and got his third star.
    When Ant and Dec asked him what the fly pupae tasted like, he replied: ‘Soup!’

    Dougie was covered in slime at eight o’clock as hundreds of meal worms and cockroaches poured over his head but he managed to pull the string with his teeth and retrieve the next reward.
    At ten o’clock, Dougie faced rats but as they ran around his head he pulled down the fifth star.
    The final box was filled with huge spiders but Dougie pressed ahead and won the sixth and final star.
    ‘You smashed it with three minutes still to go,’ Dec told him. ‘Now you can go back with a peace offering and hopefully improve the mood in camp.’

    Dougie then told the hosts that the first thing he wanted to do was go back and have a wash.
    ‘I set myself my own personal challenge of seeing how long I could go without a wash,’ he told them.
    ‘I’ve gone four days without washing but the smell was so bad I’ll have to now wash.’
    As he made his way back to camp he expressed his happiness at successfully completing the trial.

    ‘The mood in camp at the moment is extremely bummed so I hope this might cheer them up a bit.’
    And when he arrived the first thing he did was shout: ‘I did it!’
    Dougie then ran towards Mark and wrapped his legs around him whilst he lifted him up and cheered.
    The group were really pleased that Dougie had completed the challenge, not only because they would be eating a proper dinner but also because it was his birthday and it meant that the mood would be lifted on his special day.



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