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MCBUSTED only announced their formation yesterday– and they already have over 140,000 followers on Twitter.

Well, that’s the upside of merging your two already hugely successful pop punk bands– you have a ready made fanbase.

And as well as that, the lads– James Bourne and Matt Willis of defunct Busted, and Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter, Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones of McFly– are already best mates from years of touring. No being thrown together at boot camp– are so comfortable together that they’re already willing to get their kits off around each other.

McBusted made their first public appearance at the Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere in Leicester Square last night, and were already considering including the Busted boys in McFly’s famous cheeky photo shoots.

Harry said: “Will we do a naked photo shoot? You’ll have to ask Matt and James that. Naked photo shoot, James?”

And little James seems very eager to bare all: “Only if it’s full c**** out. But I don’t have any tattoos, so I don’t look as good naked.”

But there’s already camaraderie in the band, with hunky Strictly star Harry assuring James that he doesn’t have any ink either. Awww!

The two groups, that conquered the tie-wearing, wristband-donning, hair-dying demographic in the early noughties, announced yesterday that they would be hitting the road as a six-piece next year, and they’re already raring to go.

Dad-to-be Tom told us: “We’re really pleased, it’s incredibly exciting. You can expect Busted songs, McFly songs, played loudly and fast.”

“And a whole lot of carnage,” added Harry.

We wouldn’t expect anything less.

Looking every inch the boy band in matching dark ensembles and quirky shoe choices, McBusted larked around on the Hunger Games red carpet, even forming a rather impressive pyramid in front of the massive crowd.

But this wasn’t just a publicity opportunity for the boys– they’re actually huge fans of the massive film franchise.

Harry explained: “We’re all in our twenties now but we seem to all like things that teenagers like.”

Perhaps the Hunger Games is filling the void the end of Twilight has left in their lives.

But despite the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence wowing audiences as Katniss in the blockbuster, there was only one question on James’s mind.

The singer said: “I want to ask her what the next Dumb and Dumber is like because she’s in it. That is my favourite film.”

“After Back to the Future,” he hastily added.

Good lad James– don’t rub up your new bandmates the wrong way.

The boys have already been labelled a supergroup– think a less edgy Them Crooked Vultures. But don’t worry, they haven’t got an ego problem just yet.

Dougie joked: “We didn’t earn [the title supergroup], we gave it to ourselves.”

Fellow McFly boy Tom added: “You don’t have to earn it if you give it to yourselves.”

Wise words. Tickets for the McBusted tour go on sale this Friday.



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