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They wrote Lisa Carew-Jones so I changed it to the correct name.

The bassist wants to tie the knot with ‘soulmate’ Lara Carew-Jones

Dougie Poynter could well be the third member of McFly to tie the knot after admitting that he’s ready to settle down with long-term girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones.

The 25-year old bassist began dating Jones after they were introduced by Harry Judd in 2011, and he believes marriage could soon be on the cards because the talented artist is ‘a kindred spirit.’

“Yeah. We’re twin flames, a step up from soulmates. My girlfriend is obsessed with the idea,” he tells New! Magazine. “You can find a soulmate, but that’s the easy part. Soulmates are there to help you find your twin flame.”

Bandmate Harry married violinist Izzy Johnston wed in December, and the hunky McFly drummer believes it’s only a matter of time before Dougie and close pal Lara settle down.

“I’ve known her way longer than Dougie has,” he said. “He was in love with Lara before he even met her, just from seeing pictures and the way I described her. I played Cupid – and they’re the perfect match. Their story makes me think things like that are fate, that it’s meant to be.”

While Dougie was on hand to see both Harry and McFly guitarist Tom Fletcher tie the knot – he admits he’ll be pulling out all the stops to ensure his big day is nothing like theirs.

“I’ve got an idea but it’s not what everybody is expecting,” he recently told the magazine. “What can I reveal without giving away too much? There will be a petting zoo, for sure. But nowhere to wash your hand…

“Basically everyone else’s wedding has been the best day of their lives and guests had an amazing time. I can’t top that, so I’ll do the opposite and create the worst.”



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