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  1. There aren’t many men who can ponce about in a bra and still look attractive. In fact, there aren’t many guys who can talk openly about farts without making our toes curl with discomfort. But Dougie Poynter is the exception to both those rules – and more. Ever since he strolled awkwardly out to join his fellow celebs around the pool at the I’m A Celeb… welcome ceremony, McFly’s chisel-jawed bassist has stolen every jungle scene he’s been in. Firstly, there is nothing whatsoever pretentious about Dougie. Celebritites (bless them) can sometimes be a bit…well, fond of themselves, shall we say? They may have a tendency to take themselves a little too seriously. Dougie does not take himself seriously at all – he’s all about the fun, which is why we see him as a kindred heat spirit.

    Boys club

    We love the little boys’ club he’s formed with Mark Wright and the fact that he happily admitted that the pair natter away about “boobies and farts”. When he convinced Mark that there were “Drop Bears” in the jungle that would fall from the trees and gnaw on your head, Mark not only believed him but also said earnestly, “I think I’ve seen some.” When his team lost the Beat The Bugs challenge, Dougie was the only one to lean back and relish his goo-shower, and his burps are some of the longest and most impressive we’ve ever heard. Seriously, how does he get those out with no help from beer or even Coca Cola? That’s years of practice we’re witnessing right there.


    We love his cute tattoos, we love how he wears his headband like Rambo and still manages to look hot, and we love all the sly puns and jokes that he keeps dropping into conversation. The other night he quipped that there was “a little Willie in the bin” and nobody else in the camp even laughed! Don’t worry, Dougie, we were snuffling from our sofa. Historically, Dougie has always been the quietest member of McFly during interviews, preferring to let Tom, Danny and Harry do the talking (although he does enjoy bantering with the army of McFly fans while on stage at gigs), so it’s nice to see him go it alone. Harry Judd and his amazing dancing feet (and abs, and pecs) may have won over the lusty hearts of a thousand women during Strictly Come Dancing, but Dougie and his hilarious jungle antics may well go on to win over both sexes. There’s just nothing not to love about him – and we think he should go all the way to the final.

    Do you share our love of the Dougster, and who do you think will take this year’s I’m A Celeb… crown?



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