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Lately we’ve seen McFly wearing suits everywhere, TV, radio, signings.. and obviously we love it!! So now it’s turn to the rest of the world to see how great they look in suits voting them as the Best Dressed on the Glamour Magazine Awards. Read below what you have to do. Thanks to our friends over at mcflymetro for posting it first.

I’m not entirely sure how long we’re allowed to vote for or if you can vote every day etc. so make sure you do get at least one vote in for the boys. I think it’s probably best if you complete the entire survey to make sure your vote counts but don’t worry there’s only about 5 questions!

1. Go to http://surveys.automatesurvey.com/s?p=W14532427004S2074&h=9010594 and click NEXT.

2. Vote for the Best Dressed Woman and click NEXT.

3. You are now in the Best Dressed Man section. Click on OTHER and when it says PLEASE SPECIFY type in MCFLY to have them win as a group. You could vote for them individually because all four of them are listed. But it means our votes are split between four people and makes it less likely for any of them to beat Robert Pattinson. So please stick with OTHER > MCFLY. Click NEXT.

3. Vote for Best Dressed Couple. Click NEXT.

4. Vote for Best Dressed Newcomer. Click NEXT.

5. You don’t have to sign up to join the Glamour club or newsletter. Just click NEXT until you get your thank you for voting message.

Once you’ve placed your vote, let everyone know.


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