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Yahoo created a new poll to know the readers favourite boyband of 2012 and McFly are on the run, for now One Direction are the winners followed by The Wanted. McFly are at the #7 position. I know they’re not a boyband but as they’re included on the poll and even tom said in an interview with Yahoo! that you can watch HERE that would be nice to win this, please vote for McFly HERE

We’re all a bit obsessed with boybands here at Yahoo! omg! We generally spend our days gazing at pictures of the buff boys, doing the odd bit of work here and there in the few minutes when we’re not drooling.
[…]McFly and Take That have also proved that if you’re talented (and hot) enough, boybands can mature into man-bands. We still swoon and squeal over these two bands as we did back when we were teenagers. Sigh.


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