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The McFLY boys are the latest in a long line of celebs to release a ‘tell all’ book and Entertainmentwise recently met up with the boys to find out the secrets behind their long term success and to get some all important advice for new band on the scene, the one and only One Direction…

The four-piece have been entertaining their army of fans for the past 10 years and continue to do so as they release their new book ‘Unsaid Things’, which goes through each of their personal life stories and basically fills in the missing gaps so that their fans know the entire story.

But, what is it that makes McFLY so special and gives them the ability to be able to stick around the music scene where so many other bands tend to just disappear?

Harry Judd tells us, “We offer more as a band for our fans. They all came to see us over the years and just keep coming back”

Adding, “The songs are written from the heart so the fans can have a real connection with us which is really important”

Tom then added, “The longetivity I think is the thing that most bands struggle with, there’s always bands that come through that are the ‘band of the moment'”

“We’ve had our time of doing that, when we first came out we were in that position but that’s never going to last forever and it’s how to progress beyond that and it’s amazing that our fans have kept us here and kept us strong, enabling us to still have success 10 years on”

And when asked what advice they would give young heart-throbs One Direction on their current superstardom, Harry simply said: “Just read the book and don’t do anything that we did, learn from our mistakes.”

You got that, 1D boys? Check out the McFLY interview above!

Cehck the video HERE.


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