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[…]You’d have been forgiven for thinking that the mid-noughties boy band McFly had split up, or dedicated themselves to a life of varying success of a range of different reality TV shows. That, however, is not the case. They appear to have decided to make themselves a going concern again and are releasing a Greatest Hits album, Memory Lane: The Best of McFly. Funnily enough, they’ve also decided to release their memoirs, recently too, which is entitled Unsaid Things.

The most interesting thing about this album is that McFly don’t appear to have aged in the length of time that it’s taken them to have a career, stop having a career, doing the whole reality TV, comeback thing and then actually doing the proper comeback thing. The second most interesting thing about it is that there are three new songs on there, entitled ‘Love Is Easy,’ ‘Do Watcha’ and ‘Cherry Cola.’


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