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Dougie and Tom did a twitter chat this morning at the Tesco offices as part of the promotion of their children’s book The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas, now Tesco transcripted all the questions an answers and you can read them below.

McFly boys Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher joined us for a lively and hilarious Twitter chat on @Tescomagazine talking about their brand new children’s book The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas!

Our chat was so popular, we managed to get the hashtag #AskMcFly trending worldwide! A huge thank you to Dougie and Tom, and to everyone that asked a question. Now read on to find out their answers…

Q: @hannahclarkeee Will you be doing any book signings for The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas?
A: Yes we are! Two next week: Waterstones in Bluewater on Thurs 1st Nov 11am and Sat 3rd Nov at WHSmith in Guildford.

Q: @McFlyersPOV Who designed the front cover?
A: A very handsome guy called Garry Parsons – he’s the illustrator of the book.

Q: @AnneMawsonX If you could be any animal what would you be?
A: Tom says he would be dinosaur, Dougie says he would be a gorilla – they’d re-enact the scene from King Kong!

Q: @poynterswaggie Why did you choose danny to be the kid’s name?
A: We’ve been asked that a lot – we don’t know any other names except Harry and Danny!

Q: @toms_chin123 Will you be reading it to your kids when you have Mcbabies?
A: Yeah, definitely, 100 per cent!!

Q: @cl4re_l0uise96 If you had a pet dinosaur what would you call it?
A: Ooo, Danny or Harry!

Q: @omgitshannnnah Will there be an audio version?
A: There’s an enhanced eBook, which we read out, available on iTunes.

Q: @HoransHugs_ If you were a dinosaur, who would you poo on first?
A: Dougie says he would poop on himself first – on his leg!

Q: @itsmebia Is the book gonna be translated to another languages
A: Oooo, we don’t know yet but we hope so!

Q: @abbeymcfly If you could create a dinosaur what would you call it?
A: A Christmasaurus.

Q: @ifucbabi Give one word to describe the book
A: Poop-tastic!

Q: @lottie_abbotts4 Will there be a dinosaur that pooped Easter?
A: Maybe not Easter, but he might poop something else…… think bigger!

Q: @mcflykelsey If you had a time machine would you go back in time and visit the dinosaurs?
A: Yeah, would love to but I don’t think you should mess with time!

Q: @FeBontorim Why you’re so obsessed with poop?
A: Isn’t everyone??!!

Q: @lizziejb Is it easier writing songs than books??
A: Erm, writing a book is like writing lyrics, but it’s easier to write a book!

Q: @annacock If you could go to another planet, which would you choose?
A: Hmm, Uranus!

Q: @iaicara What is your favourite part of the book?
A: The page where the dad surfs on the poop!

Q: @MissFraser01 What is the moral of the story?
A: Don’t be greedy!

Q: @AJayMarriott Where will the pooping dinosaur go on his next adventure?
A: You’ll have to wait and see…..

Q: @Chloe_McFlyy What’s your favourite thing about Christmas Dougie and Tom?
A: Christmas dinner says Tom, the general feel of Christmas says Dougie. It helps everybody get through winter!

Q: @HEELdeanna Where did the idea of The Dinosaur That Poops Christmas come from?
A: We love Christmas, we love dinosaurs and Jurassic Park – so we put the two together!

Q: @ifucbabi What was the most fun part of making a book like this?
A: The fun part is sitting around in board meetings, talking about poop!

Q: @_wonderwomanx Are we expecting a sequel? Perhaps the Dodo that vomited Easter?
A: Hopefully there will be another book – the poopquel!

Q: @sohowaboutyou If the book had a soundtrack, what song you would choose?
A: Probably the Jurassic Park soundtrack – with fart noises where the trumpets are!

Q: @KirstyWithAC What was your favourite thing about being a kid?
A: Christmas is the most fun as a kid – being able to play with toys. We can’t get away with it now!

Q: @Xx_Rosalie_xX Would you consider soft toys of the characters?
A: We’d love to do that – they could come with poop accessories!

Q: @carolaocubo What other Jurassic creatures would you like to put in a book?
A: Probably a plant – I have a plant that was around when the dinosaurs were around (Dougie).

Q: @musicismcfly Who’s your favourite children’s author?
A: Tom says Dr Zeus and JK Rowling, Dougie says K.A Applegate!

Q: @AimieMcFly What’s your best character in the book?
A: Dougie says the dinosaur, Tom says the cat!

Q: @marcellaraujoo Any chances of doing a movie about the book?
A: We’d love to do something like that! A short film like The Snowman or Wallace and Gromit!

Q: @EmilieCarter_ Favourite book you have ever read?
A: McFly’s autobiography!

Q: @Mcfly_tdhd Does Danny keep the dinosaur after the book?
A: Yes he does, they’re best friends forever now!

Q: @annacock if you could be someone else for a day, who’d you be?
A: Dougie says David Attenborough, Tom says he would be Santa!

Q: @RunTom1984 Are the characters in the book based on anyone from your life?
A: They’re based roughly on a few people, but no one specific.

Q: @katiemcfly What do you call a dinosaur with one eye?
A: Doyouthinkhesaurus. What do you call a dog? DoyouthinkhesaurusRex

Q: @mollyy_mayo Will there be a song about dinosaurs in the future?
A: What do you think All About You is about?!!!

Q: @DougiesBitch Tom and Dougie: which is better – 1. Christmas, 2. Birthdays, 3. Easter, 4. Performing to millions of fans?
A: A tie I think – A Christmas tour!



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