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MCFLY want to take their passion for getting naked to the next level.

The clothes-shy bunch are concerned that fans are bored with seeing them starkers so they’re thinking of new ways to shock people.

The buff band have stripped off more times than Jordan.

When Dougie Poynter won I’m A Celebrity last month bandmate Danny Jones, 25, got butt naked to celebrate showing the evidence on Twitter.

And weeks before winning Strictly Come Dancing Harry Judd, 25, whipped his kit off for Attitude magazine.

The lads now have a new plan.

Dougie, 24, told us: “We’re all more than comfortable getting naked. Everyone’s seen the whole of McFly nude numerous times.

“We really need to up our game now.”

“Maybe naked dirty dancing is the way forward, or we could release a McFly sex tape starring all of us.”

“Harry’s pant shoot made me feel very horny and massively inadequate.”

Bass player Dougie also revealed that he’s been offered an XXX-rated TV show.

“I’ve had a few offers since coming out of the jungle, mainly Playgirl TV.”

Oh, kinky! He was joking…we think.

Despite being champions of reality TV shows, the lads don’t want to become famous telly stars.

Dougie said: “I didn’t really go in to get anything out of it. I went in because it sounded awesome.

“I’m just going to go back to being a bass player.”

Fellow McFly-er and champion Harry, pictured on This Morning yesterday, also revealed he’ll never quit the band.

The master of the boogie said he was giving “100% commitment” to McFly next year.

Maybe he’ll change his mind when he hears dirty Dougie’s sex tape plan…



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