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  1. The time is here. After 20 days in the jungle the I’m A Celebrity finale is taking place with Mark & Dougie battling it out for the crown. We’ve seen cockroaches up the nose, scantily clad celebrities and the usual disgusting trials, but it’s now coming to a close, and I can’t believe how quickly it has all gone by!

    So, we expect fighting, competitive attitudes and sly looks between the lads, right? Hell no! The bromance is stronger than ever, and in my eyes, it’s the sweetest bromance that has ever been shown on television. I now pronounce them, Markgie.

    Of course, the lads won’t be left to enjoy their last day without taking part in another bush tucker trial! Markgie head off into the jungle to take place in the world famous eating task.

    Blended cockroaches and emu liver are first on the menu, which both guys down within seconds which ensures them a drink of their choice for their final night in the jungle.

    Mark’s second dish is beach-worm bruschetta, which he must chew down whilst they’re still alive. Dougie provides Mark a great help by laughing in his face whilst he gags away! Dougie has to eat the body of a ‘sushiti’ grub, which he almost throws back up! Once again, both get through it which means they’ll get a starter.

    A king cricket served with vomit fruit dipping sauce is on offer for Mark, and he takes it down for his main meal. Dougie gets the worse dish this round, as an ostrich anus is presented to him. He seems to enjoy the butt, and swallows it rapidly!

    Fish eye oyster is the final delicacy Mark has to eat, and he powers through it, ensuring he’ll get a three course meal tonight! Dougie once again gets the worst hand, chewing down a deer penis for his final addition to his own three course meal.

    Both lads performed amazingly throughout the trial, and take all eight stars home! A few throw-ups on the way home and the boys are told they will be able to choose anything they want to eat! Surprisingly, they opt for milkshakes rather than booze! They really are big kids. Sweet.

    Belches a plenty throughout the meal and a profession of love from Dougie to Mark made for excellent viewing. It actually seemed harder for the boys to eat all of the nice food than it was for them to chew down on the anuses, worms and other bush treats earlier on! Snuggling up together, the guys settled down for the night. N’aw.

    For some reason, Mark and Dougie come out of camp to hear who’s going to win. (I used to love when all the previous camp mates went back into camp for the big reveal). They are interviewed together, which is fitting I suppose because of how close they really are.

    One noticeable answer in his interview is that Mark told Ant and Dec that he’s happy that everyone got to see the real him, as the TOWIE Mark was extremely exaggerated… so there we have it. Proof that TOWIE isn’t -actually- a reality show. But, we all knew that anyway, didn’t we?

    Here comes the big reveal, and deep down, I want Mark to take it. He’s been brilliant consistently throughout the show, and a real surprising character. He’s a charmer with great looks, and seems to be a brilliant guy to have as a friend. He’s got me hooked and I will definitely be following his career from now on. Good on him for changing my perception of him, along with many other peoples.

    If Dougie were to win however, I wouldn’t be choked up. He’s a lovely guy, really down to earth and it’s nice to know he seems to be in a good place after the rough year he’s had. This is probably my favourite final two in I’m A Celeb history.

    My heart is literally pounding! This is tense stuff. Everybody from camp, minus Freddie Starr is in the studio for the king announcement, and the winner of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2011 is… Dougie!

    Well done, Doug! He looks absolutely stunned and I’m a little worried he’s going to pass out! He takes his seat on the I’m A Celeb throne!

    Monday night at 9pm will see the coming out show air, where you can find out what all the celebrities did after leaving the jungle!

    That’s it, for another year! It’s been fabulous! Ant and Dec have been on top form and we’ve had the best line-up of celebrities yet. Thanks for sharing this experience with me, and I would like to say a massive thank you to UnrealityTV for letting me blog throughout this entire show! This hopefully won’t be the last you’ll hear from me here!



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