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Where was I? Ah yes, Kidd pooped.

Will was a decent bloke so after mistakingly robbing a ship belonging to his bosses he decided to sail back to England to clear his name. But before that he made a little pit stop and buried his treasure. He was the first pirate ever to be known to do this, Smart arse.

When Will Dog arrived back in England he was met with some very cross faces. They didn’t think what Willam had done was very cool, so they locked him up in solitary confinement to be made an example of. It was cold.

A year later, after going ever so slightly mental and talking to rats Will.i.am was put on trial. The trial didn’t go so great and our man was sentenced to death.

William Kidd was hung and tarred over the Thames in Wapping. Twice. Well tarred just the once but hung twice as the executioners rope broke the first time round. That must suck.

To this day William Kidd is still my ultimate pirate because I see a lot of myself in him. You know, I get asked to do something, I can’t do it right then finally think I’ve done it and have the entire British Navy after my head.

In our eyes William Kidd is a Saint.

Even in his death he has somehow inspired a group of very short perverted guys to create a clothing line…sniff sniff waaaa waaa waaa




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