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Dougie blogged again at the Saint Kidd blog to talk about the story of the brand.

It had been two long years since William Kidd was hired by the Lords and posh dudes of England to steal gold from pirates and the Spanish and still he had nothing to show for it.

So, after coming across the Quedagh Merchant and being put under a lot of pressure from his crew Kidd readied his ship, The Blessed William, for battle.

The bloodied attack was a huge success and Kidd and his crew were now the proud owners of The Quedagh Merchant and it’s enormous amount of gold on board. Siiiiiiiiick!

Very soon after the last note of Queen’s “We are the champions” rang out some kill joy on board discovered that the ship they plundered and it’s treasure was actually part owned by the British………..Kidd pooped!



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