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Saint Kidd has now an online blog as well as the official site to buy their amazing clothes and who did the first post of the blog? of course Dougie. Read what he said below and check the other posts of the blog at saintkiddblog.com

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Hello my name is Dougie Poynter – Welcome to The Saint Kidd Blog

Welcome to The Saint Kidd Blog.

Apparently it’s not cool to be totally naked all the time, so a couple of years we decided to create a clothing line to help cover up your private parts.

If you have seen Sex And The City then you will totally get what this whole blogging thing is about. If you haven’t, then…well you just haven’t lived yet.

So that got me to thinking. Should this be a blog with awesome, wired, clothing style blog with the occasional nipple slip? Yes. Oh.

I’m horny. I have nothing left to say.

Xoxo gossip girl


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