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Now that THAT programme which must not be named, where people sing on stage and get told by a little Irishman that they remind him of a totally unrelated artist is over, we think it’s only right for us McFly fans to reflect on the REAL TV highlight of the weekend. Yep, it’s time for the highlights of The McFly Show.

So on Saturday night, we were sat with a takeaway and a box of Quality Street, ready for the greatest broadcast the world has ever witnessed. And we weren’t disappointed.

Our hearts were turned into mush before the show had even started, when Tom sent out this emotional tweet.


We’ve tried to pick out our highlights of the whole thing, but that’s like trying to pick who’s the ugliest in One Direction. C’EST IMPOSSIBLE. Anyway we’ve chosen our top three moments.

3. Tom with a wet willy. An actual wet willy.
Firstly, we’ve picked Tom taking us back to his childhood to perform a song from the musical Oliver, which he used to star in. His voice sounded like it was created from the harps of the angels themselves, hitting notes that no man should physically be able to reach. And then Captain Dougwash rode in on a toilet and squirted his willy with a water pistol. So that was nice.

2. Basically every single performance.
Next up, we wanted to choose their best performance to stick up on here because let’s not forget, aside from being MEGA FIT, they are also crazy talented musicians. But after much deliberation and rewinding and replaying, we still can’t decide ‘cause they were all amaze. It would have been Love Is Easy, but that got cut by the TV people (BOOOOOO), so instead we’ve picked Don’t Stop Me Now, with Al Murray on drums because we love a hidden talent or two.

1. Dougie makes for quite a hot lady.
Finally, last but not least, le creme de la creme etc etc. The ultimate moment definitely had to be the boys dancing though. From their Strictly recreation with le Dougster dressed as a lady, to the BEST THING WE HAVE EVER SEEN… McFly doing Gangnam Style. We spat our drink out over our pizza, it was that funny. We might not ever recover from seeing Dougie ride Tom like a horse.

We also thoroughly enjoyed Harry Judd’s toplessness but we can’t find a video of that. So just hold that image close to your hearts forever, Scapers.



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