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I added to the gallery some new pics of Dougie and Tom filming Who Wants to be a Millionaire yesterday, and remember that the show will be aired on January 3.

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When Harry Judd was crowned as the winner of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night we were happy for him, but we were also left feeling a little sad. Not only did it spell the end of watching Harry showing off his muscles/gyrating his hips/generally looking fit on the telly every Saturday night, but it also meant there would be no more McFly boys on TV either. Bad times.

We’d gotten used to seeing Harry’s super-supportive bandmates grinning for the camera in the Strictly audience – and we actually looked forward to seeing them each week, too.

When Strictly finished we decided that we needed to see more of McFly on our screens and so via Twitter we asked for your suggestions for the shows you’d like to see the boys in next. Your tweets ranged from the sensible – lots of you said Come Dine With Me – to the silly (but also quite brilliant) How To Look Good Naked!

It looks like our prayers have been very quickly answered, as Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher are due to appear on a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire special on 3 January. YAY!

McFly have performed very well on TV recently, and Tom admitted he was scared he was “going to completely “b**** up” the boys’ good run! To find out how Tom and Dougie get on, you’ll have to tune in on 3 Jan.



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