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  1. They might have entertained viewers with their constant bickering but Fatima and Antony’s frosty relationship wasn’t enough to keep them in the jungle.
    Both celebrities were voted out tonight which means that best buddies Dougie and Mark are left to fight it out for the crown.
    Only one of the young stars will be named King of the jungle but no doubt there will be no hard feelings when the winner is announced tomorrow.

    Coronation Street Star Antony was the first of the four to be told he would be going home.
    The actor managed 21 days of camp life and was disappointed that he didn’t make it to the final.
    ‘I’m absolutely gutted,’ he told Ant and Dec.
    ‘We’ve come this far and I’d never even thought about the final until last night, so I’m gutted but I did all I could do and I’m amazed I lasted this long.’
    Ant and Dec then commented on Antony’s emotional highs and lows whilst he was in the jungle.
    ‘Every part of it was emotional and exciting,’ he told them. ‘You can’t plan for it.

    ‘You feel like you’re locked in and you cant run away anywhere.’
    The hosts then asked Antony if he thought being friends with Mark was something that would never have happened in ordinary life.
    ‘Our paths probably would never have crossed,’ he said. ‘It was so fascinating to watch people in there.’
    But someone who he wasn’t so keen to watch was Fatima, but Antony said that they’re relationship could have been a lot worse.

    ‘I have been relatively tight lipped,’ he told Ant and Dec, who laughed at the comment.
    ‘I have watched what I’ve said in there.’
    The soap star finished his interview by telling Ant and Dec that he wants either Mark or Dougie to win.
    He obviously predicted that Fatima wouldn’t be taking the crown home as a short while after his exit, Ant and Dec made their way back to camp to annouce another elimination.

    Fatima also looked gutted when she realised she hadn’t made it to the final but was comforted by Mark who told her she should be proud of herself.
    Despite being so competitive, the former athlete did admit that she was surrpised she’s also made it this far.
    ‘There were some strong contenders in there this year,’ she told the hosts.
    But the conversation soon turned to the subject of a roaming cockroach.

    It shot up my nose straight away,’ Fatima told them, referring to a past Bushtucker trial.
    ‘But quitting was not an option,’ she added.
    Ant and Dec then went on to comment about her positive attitude and determination.
    ‘That’s been my career for over 30 years,’ she commented.
    ‘Ever since I was 11, I wanted to be a sportsperson. That’s been my way of life and it’s the only way i know.’
    But even when Fatima was asked about the various run-ins she had with the different celebrities, she had a strategic answer.

    ‘We’re all different characters and personalities, but Ive always believed to be true to yourself.
    ‘I speak my mind in a diplomatic way.
    The mother-of-one even had kind words to say about Antony: ‘I’ve grown to love him, he’s a good man but he’s larger than life.
    ‘I did feel sometimes he would like to skive a little bit from doing the washing up.’
    She had even kinder words to say about visitor to the jungle, Peter Andre.
    ‘I’m absolutely made up, it was a dream come true for me.’
    Fatima finished her interview by saying ultimately she wanted to Mark to win the show saying: ‘Both of them are bosom buddies.’
    But regardless of leaving the jungle one day before the final, both Antony and Fatima admitted that they had had the best time of their lives on the show.

    Yesterday all four camp mates took the time to reflect on their experience in the jungle and it seemed that none of them were disappointed with the outcome.
    ‘Jungle life has been the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had,’ stated Fatima.
    ‘I have a hard exterior but underneath I’m a softie. In the beginning everyone is tense you put up walls to protect yourself.
    ‘The trials have been the best thing for me and failure wasn’t an option.
    ‘I’ve got to know myself better; it’s brought me back to Fatima the person, being back in the jungle, I’ve got to quite like myself again. I can’t believe this has happened to me,’ she added.
    The Only Way Is Essex star Mark seemed to agree and revealed he’s made some true friends.
    ‘Dougie will be a friend for life but when I first met Antony I didn’t know if I’d get on with him as much as I did,’ he said.
    ‘When Emily came into the camp I thought she’s hot, she’s a true fighter, if I get out and we gel then who knows what might happen.’

    He then went on to say how much he’d missed his family whilst being in the jungle but was glad that he did it.
    ‘It makes me emotional thinking about it because it has been the most wonderful experience.
    ‘I’m proud and honoured every day that goes by I’ve won, every vote that’s been given me, I’ve won.’
    Dougie admitted that he wasn’t sure he’d made the right decision by going on the show, but added he couldn’t have been more wrong.
    ‘I was super nervous and I thought, “what am I doing?” I have nothing in common with these people,” and I didn’t expect to get on with many of the others.
    ‘I’ve met people that I’ll be friends with for a long time. I thought I wouldn’t get on with Mark but it’s awesome hanging out with him.

    ‘The experience has been amazing, wicked, everything about the jungle is amazing. Anyone who gets the chance, should do it, it’s the coolest thing ever.’
    Antony seemed to feel the same way as Dougie when he first entered the jungle.

    […] McFly star Dougie was the last one to hear his letter – which had been written in two segments by his band mate, Tom Fletcher, and his girlfriend.
    ‘To our Mowgli, Dude, Tom here. I think it’s fair to say that this year has not been the easiest year of your life, but I think it shall certainly go down in history as your most triumphant.
    ‘It’s been awesome watching you in the jungle and whether you win this thing or not is irrelevant, you’ve got three band mates out here who are insanely proud of you.
    ‘I think this has been the longest period of time that we’ve not seen you in the eight years that we’ve been McFLY.
    ‘Without you we’re like megazord without a leg…Torvill without Dean…the ninja turtles without Donatello…Han Solo without Chewbacca!

    ‘Let’s get you back home, write a killer album and get back on tour. See you on the bridge for an awkward hug!’
    His partner, Lara, then wrote: ‘Oi oi Captain, Tom says I have to say something cringy now to see if I can make you cry.
    ‘So, meeting you has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You truly are the most special person I know and I’m hook line and sinker in love with you.
    ‘However, if you dump me for your new man friend Mark I will slap you round the face with a wet fish. You have been warned.
    Love your fellow finger clicker. X Lots of love, Tom, Gi and Lara.
    Dougie seemed really chuffed with his letter and said afterwards: ‘That letter beats any present and I will keep that letter for the rest of my life.’

    The group seemed to be on a high after receiving their letters and handing out the awards, but it didn’t end there.
    The four of them took part in a game called Tower for Treats where they could win a variety of goodies to enjoy.
    The object of the game was to lift blocks with treat words written on them from the tower and place them successfully in front of them without the tower collapsing.
    Antony cleverly suggested: ‘Come on Dougie, let’s work out a strategy, first one should be herbs.’
    The group played the game with great patience and by the end had successfully won nine treats for themselves including teabags, pepper, chips, bread, butter, cheese, milk, ice-cream and herbs.

    But even a bundle of treats couldn’t tempt Antony and Fatima to end their frosty relationship.
    Whilst the group were preparing their lunch, the former athlete decided to poke fun at the Coronation Street star.
    ‘We’ve made a good couple you and I,’ she said. ‘You with a knife and me with my spear, a duel at dawn, can you imagine that?’
    But Antony couldn’t let a day go by where he doesn’t have a moan about Fatima, and as she began bossing Mark and Dougie about Antony told them that they should stick up for themselves.
    ‘People are trying to take control of the camp as a ploy to get to the final,’ Mark said.
    ‘She’s cutting us down all the time and making us feel bad.’
    Dougie agreed, saying: ‘Antony and Fatima have different ways of running the camp; it’s like a time bomb waiting to explode.’
    ‘Ignore it, just say no,’ Antony told them both. ‘Leave her to it and she’ll orchestrate her own downfall.’



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