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This article may contain some minor spoilers from the tour so click the read more button below to read it.

Over the years, we’ve seen McFly get up to all sorts onstage

Whether it’s stripping off and playing a whole song naked at G.A.Y in London or dressing Dougie as a woman in “the most hideous thing” they could find and making him play his bass in fishnets, so it should come as no real surprise that the boys are at it again.

However, this time it hasn’t actually been planned… “Danny has split his trousers twice on this tour!” Tom Fletcher tells us. “He had to run off and get changed both times.”

As Tom explains, the boys usually hit the stage clad in ripped jeans and vests, but on their current The Best of McFly tour they’ve smartened up a bit and are all wearing suits every night – complete with waistcoats.

“It’s very hot,” Tom admits. “So, soooo hot.” Not to be outdone by his bottom-flashing chum, Dougie has been keeping all the audience’s eyes on him with a variety of hilarious stunts, including singing My Heart Will Go On like a chipmunk and snail impressions. “He literally humped the floor!” Tom tells us. “He’s doing well on this tour.”

Tom is currently supporting the launch of bespoke offers by Barclaycard, which is a personalised shopping experience designed to offer you better value on the stuff you spend the most on. So, naturally, we had to ask Tom what he spends all his money on. “Starbucks!” he laughs. “Just lots of coffee products – and cat food.”

One thing he certainly won’t be spending money on is bananas. “I’m trying to train myself to like bananas,” Tom admits. “I heard that if you eat a little bit of something every day, then eventually you’ll learn to like it.” But does he actually even like bananas? “They are minging! Really horrible, although if I have to eat one then I do prefer a firm one.” Oh, Tom, so many things we could say…

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