Posted by Sandra on October 10 2012

Here’s three McFly interviews with different tv shows during the Z Festival. The first one was included at the full video of the concert I uploaded days ago but this video shows only the interview part.

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Nights of shows to teenagers are probably the best places to do any research about what they like most. Why? You don’t need to ask any fan to know who is she waiting for all day until the lights go off and the music begins.

And yesterday (28) we saw with signs and t-shirts who everyone was waiting for at the Z Festival, HSBC Arena.

Starting at 7pm, Hot Chelle Rae warmed the audience who came late to the Arena, thanks to the complicated Barra da Tijuca, always full on Fridays. With an honest and modest pop rock made it to everyone younger.

After that, with a few more years of career (but still to teenagers) the boys of Yellowcard went on stage with a sincere and urgent rock in eight albums and a lot of enthusiasm.

The secret to warm-up the teenagers (probably most girls) to the next 2 shows.

The British boys from McFLY, together since 2004, surprised who thought that everyone was waiting for The Wanted’s hit “Glad you Came”, also a British boyband. But between them, the boys from McFly took the best of the night.

With their singles “5 colours in her hair” and “Lies”, they just burned up the house, a lot of girls crying – as the girls who took the sign “Loving McFLY is easy”. And it really is, as we could see, to love them! You just need some good lungs. They scream a lot!

To close the Friday, with a few audience – just to prove that McFLY was the name waited all night – the boys of The Wanted went on stage to prove that “boybands” are back. They also proved that besides cute, they are qualified. Interesting.

Nice and a little bit drunk (what made the performance run away from boring) the boys of The Wanted proved that names as New Kids on The Block and Backtreet Boys are still relevant to some pop music and hits as “Glad You Came” and “Chasing The Sun”. But it seems like boys and girls from the ‘90s are more interested on “the
wanted”, while the teenagers still prefer the same naked-rock from McFLY.

SOURCE / Translation thanks to Daniela from Joe Jonas Brazil

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It seems Ryan from the band Yellowcard, McFly and Big Time Rush had an amazing time together last saturday.

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I added to the gallery some more pics of Dougie at the Z festival in Sao Paulo.

[x23]Live Performances > 2012 > Z Festival, Sao Paulo – September 29


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You can watch below some videos of their performance at the Z Festival in Sao Paulo.

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I added to the gallery three more pics of Dougie from yesterday at the Z Festival in Sao Paulo.

[x3]Live Performances > 2012 > Z Festival, Sao Paulo – September 29

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You can watch below the entire McFly concert of McFly at the Z Festival last night. As you’ll see there’s parts that some publicity appear, I tried to close it as fast as I could while recording it. Apart from that enjoy the video!

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Here’s a pic of Dougie and Harry with fans from yesterday at the Z Festival meet and greet.

[x1]Events And Appearances > 2012 > M&G – Z Festival

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Apparently on the link below you can watch McFly performing at the Z Festival, McFly will be on the stage tonight at 1:30am UK time.

Link to see McFly performance

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One found fame in early 2000, while the other has enjoyed a more recent rise to the top.
But on Wednesday both McFly and The Wanted proved they’ve both got legions of adoring fans.
The two British boybands touched down in Rio de Janiero, Brazil ahead of their performances at Z Festival on Friday.

McFly, who have recently returned from a stint in the US alongside theirs wives and girlfriends, decided to go it alone for this trip.

Despite the long flight Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd looked in good spirits on their arrival and spent time signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans.
Heavily tattooed Danny, who wore a blue sweatshirt tied around his neck, flashed the rock sign on arrival, perhaps as as sign of the performance they hope to give at the concert.

Drummer Harry, looked the most laid back out of the lads in a pair of tracksuit bottoms and top with the hood up.
King of the Jungle Dougie who seemed shyer than usual, wore a black wooly hat over his curly hair.
As they boarded the flight the tight-knit band seemed very excited about the trip.

Tom took a number of pictures of the band on board the flight, which he then posted on Twitter.
Once they arrived they were delighted to find that ‘Welcome Home McFLY’ was trending on Twitter in the country.
Tom worte: ‘Ah, you guys! Thanks for the trend. It’s great to be back!’

‘YES Brazil! :D These shows are gonna be AWESOME!’
The Wanted, who have become frequent flyers in the last year, were equally as generous with their time and made sure they stopped for photographs, hugs and autographs.
The All Time Low singers arrived in their usual attire consisting of a mix of checked shirts, faded denim and leather jackets.

Although they are bound to have seen a lot of breathtaking sites and stayed in some amazing hotels recently Jay seemed delighted with his surroundings.
He tweeted: ‘Woah hotel is beachside, can hear the sea cause half the room is huge glass windows- trying to say it’s cool without getting pretentious :)’

Z Festival, which began just last year, is aimed at the so-called Generation Z – young people who were born and raised in advent of the internet.
The Wanted played the festival in 2011 as well.
X Factor judge Demi Lovato will be closing the festival on Sunday.



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