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Cheeky foursome McFly are on the road again, making an appearance at London’s Wembley Arena on Saturday 18th of May. Now is your chance to bag a free pair of tickets to this SOLD OUT show, courtesy of Ents24!

Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry have been together for nine years now, releasing five studio albums along the way. Their new ‘Memory Lane: The Best of McFly’ tour collects together all of their chart hits and must-have singles, including Five Colours In Her Hair, All About You and Shine A Light, plus three brand new tracks!

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As you all know the boys yesterday performed at Wembley during a Saracens match, now thanks to @lana_mcflyxo we have a video of them performing Shine a Light. Enjoy!!

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Now approaching their ninth year as a band, McFly are on the cusp of an important transition: from pre-pubescent boyband to fully-fledged manband.

After a successful stint on the reality circuit which saw Dougie Poynter crowned king of the jungle on I’m a Celeb and Harry Judd win Strictly Come Dancing, the group have promptly re-entered the studio to work on their sixth studio album.

Digital Spy caught up with Harry ahead of their Wembley Stadium gig next month to find out more about said-record.

You’re in rehearsals today for a show at Wembley Stadium next month. Do you still get nervous about large gigs?
“We still get quite nervous; especially with a show like this when it’s not a crowd who have come out to see you. We’re down at the Saracens training ground today for some rehearsals for our halftime show and to do some training with the teams, which should be fun. Getting some exercise in whilst working is handy!”

Are you planning to upstage Madonna’s Super Bowl show?
“Not quite! I don’t think we could ever rival Madonna – it’s not really our style.”

How’s life in McFly been since you won Strictly?
“I had a couple of weeks off for Christmas, which I spent at home, and then I started the Strictly tour. Today is the first day that we’ve all been at work together for a while actually!”

Your win and Dougie’s I’m a Celeb triumph have pushed the band back into the spotlight again; how’s it been for the rest of the group?
“It’s been good, but we haven’t really been together since it all happened. The other guys have been working on the next album. We’re all really looking forward to putting out some new music and getting back on the road.”

Were you nervous about doing the reality shows? It can make or break a career…
“Exactly. We were both really nervous about it! Putting yourself out there is always a scary thing, and thankfully it worked out pretty well for us.”

Has it encouraged Tom or Danny to get involved in reality TV?
“Now me and Dougie have won, the pressure is on (laughs)! Seriously though, I think we’re going to quit at it while we’re ahead.”

We think Danny would be great on Come Dine With Me.
“I think Danny would love to do a cooking show actually. Learning something new is good fun and hard work, and it’s always good to get out your normal routine.”

Everything seemed to go quiet in the band for a while before you both entered those shows…
“I suppose it did go a bit quiet. We did an album in 2010, but we had a long gap between album four and five. We’d been going for six or seven years; it took a year and a half to make it, and we didn’t do much publicity during that time. I think we realised how hard it was to get people interested again. I think we’d taken our success for granted. Thankfully the album went well and we had a big hit with ‘Shine A Light’, which meant we could go on tour again. At the same time though, other bands were coming through and it’s hard to stay relevant.”

Did you ever consider splitting up?
“No definitely not, unless there’s something they’re not telling me! I think we have something unique within the four of us. We’re still going strong and we’re still great mates so I can’t imagine it happening any time soon. We hope we can still have success that allows us to release music and tour.”

What does your new material sound like?
“It’s really hard to describe at the moment. Danny has been putting together some demos and they sound amazing – they’re very carefully produced already. It’s exciting when the demos themselves sound great. Danny has also been DJing and working with Roger Sanchez, which I think is having a great impact on the band as he’s learnt so much more on the production side of things.”

The last album was more polished than your usual output; will your next record continue that sound?
“It was definitely more mature pop, which some people didn’t get. It was also a different style of songwriting. This next album is a bit more raw sounding like our older stuff, but we’re still keen on keeping some of the more polished production in there. It’s hard to describe at the moment!”

You worked with Dallas Austin and Taio Cruz on Above The Noise; who would you like to work with on this LP?
“I haven’t spoken to the guys about it but we’re definitely open to collaborating again. We’re just starting to play the label the new songs, so we’ll see. In a dream world I’d love to work with so many people. A female artist would be great – Jessie J would be amazing, though she’s obviously doing extremely well at the moment. Like you say, in a dream world!”

Saracens and Aviva are bringing McFly to Wembley for a special pre-game and half-time show at the Aviva Premiership Rugby clash against Harlequins at Wembley on Saturday 31st March. Ticket prices start from just £5, to buy your ticket visit or call Ticketmaster on 0844 847 2482.


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On Saturday 31 March two London rugby rivals will clash at Wembley stadium when Aviva Premiership champions Saracens take on Harlequins. It promises to be an action-packed afternoon with performances by McFly and The Rock Choir before the main game. […]

On Saturday 31 March two London rugby rivals will clash at Wembley stadium when Aviva Premiership champions Saracens take on Harlequins.

It promises to be an action-packed afternoon with performances by McFly and The Rock Choir before the main game.

We’ve got an awesome prize up for grabs:

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What do the winners of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here and Strictly Come Dancing have in common?

They will both be performing live when Saracens play Harlequins at Wembley Stadium on March 21, 2012.

Dougie Poynter, the new King of the jungle, and Harry Judd, winner of Strictly, will both be appearing when the best-selling band McFly headline the pre-match show at what will be another fantastic family day out in London.
Early bird tickets are available.


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I just received an email from ticketmaster with some info about a new McFly performance in March.

Saracens, the Champions of England, return to Wembley for what promises to be an epic Aviva Premiership clash with Harlequins.

Pop sensation McFly will add to the days entertainment as Harry Judd, the Winner of Strictly Come Dancing and Dougie Poynter the King of the I’m a Celebrity Jungle rejoin the band to put on a fantastic show for Wembley.

Plus the Domino’s Kicking Challenge will see one lucky fan have the opportunity to kick for £250,000. With prices starting from just £5 Saracens at Wembley is the best family day out in London.

You can buy tickets for the event HERE

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The NME website is doing a search for the best professional music photography and Dean Sherwood is included with a pic of McFLY and one of each member of the band. The pic of Dougie is from the Above the Noise tour in Wembley and the one of the band is from the show in Nottingham, from the Above the Noise Tour too.

To vote for Dougie’s pic and McFLY’s one just click on each pic. You can vote for the other guys too at the same page.:)

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Dean Sherwood just posted this story about the pic he’s going to post in color when he reaches 5000 followers on twitter and as a gift he posted the pic in black and white. You can see it bigger clicking on it.

“The band had just finished their Wembley show of the ATN tour and in the dressing room after the show their was a mix of elation, adrenaline and suprisingly relief from the boys. I was somewhat suprised at how relieved they all seemed, at first. Then I remembered these somewhat at times seemingly superhuman musicians are, at the end of the day, only like you and me, they are, however obvious it may sound, human beings. Just like when I get nervous on a shoot and then relieved when it all goes well. Not because I think it wont, just because even in the most positive of peoples there is always that smidge of doubt. Some just choose not to admit it. And, of course, there sometimes comes a feeling of emptiness, that its all over. Or maybe even the realisation that ‘normal’ life starts here, again, after the show. I do not know what Dougie was thinking at that precise moment, but its photographs like these that I take, that I enjoy the most to look back at myself. Not because he’s topless, like most of you will be thinking im sure, but because he is back into his own world, and he looks a little unsure in this split second i’ve captured. I’ll leave you to debate what he may or may not be thinking. Being Dougie I may be getting too deep, he could well just be considering smothering my face with his almost rotten smelling jeans again!”


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Dean Sherwood just posted on his blog a diary entry from the McFLY concert at Wembley. I added all the pics of Dougie to the gallery.

[x12]Dean Sherwood

Get to my hotel and check in. Im staying where I always stay for shows at Wembley Arena, so I’m just a walk away from the venue.

Meet Tommy, the bands tour manager backstage, he takes me through to the arena and I get a few shots of the stage ‘walk-out’ being lowered.

Its soundcheck time. Spend most of it up on Harry’s drumriser getting some close ups of him at work. There’s a brief break, and Harry talks to me about how the photo’s are looking, he’s concerned that he’s not really ‘into’ it like he is during the show when he’s soundchecking, which makes sense. I show him some photo’s on the back of the camera and he’s happy…I go down onto the stage and get shots of the others, Dougie’s being himself and I get more of what’s to come from the day, lots of interesting expressions from him.

Soundcheck is over, the boys head to the canteen, en-route I speak to Danny about us doing a shoot in the arena, which he’s up for, so a quick bite to eat and we’re back there, I get a load of candid and posed shots of him, it’s a pretty cool venue for getting some nice shots and though it’s really dark, the ISO on my camera is cranked way up to 12800, but that’s what this camera’s great at, I know the shots will still be perfectly useable.

It’s Pioneers time, I get some shots from the stage and then a few quick shots during the meet and greet. Including one of Harry holding Pamela Anderson’s wrist.

The band are interviewed, it gives me a good and rare chance of getting some candid shots of them all together, I get loads of good shots followed by more of Dougie alone and some of Dougie with Camera! …keep reading.


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