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Dougie Poynter has revealed his wedding could be a little um, out of the ordinary, when he does decide to tie the knot with girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones.

In fact, he’s admitted that attempting to top the nuptials of McFly bandmates Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd would be so difficult, that he might just try and go for the ‘worst wedding’ award instead.

”I’ve got an idea but it’s not what everybody is expecting… What can I reveal without giving away too much? There will be a petting zoo, for sure. But nowhere to wash your hands,” Dougie told new! Magazine.

“Basically, everyone else’s wedding day has been the best day of their lives and guests had an amazing time. I can’t top that, so I’ll do the opposite and create the worst.”

Now, anyone else think Dougie could be a PRIME candidate for a celeb version of telly show ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’?

Still, when he’s not talking about animals being an integral part of his wedding, the Dougster can be a right romantic – as he went on to call have a little rave about how perfect he and Lara are together.

“We’re twin flames, a step up from soulmates,” he said. “My girlfriend is obsessed with the idea. You can find a soulmate, but that’s the easy part. Soulmates are there to help you find your twin flame.”

Gahd somebody get us a hanky, it’s all too much.


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They wrote Lisa Carew-Jones so I changed it to the correct name.

The bassist wants to tie the knot with ‘soulmate’ Lara Carew-Jones

Dougie Poynter could well be the third member of McFly to tie the knot after admitting that he’s ready to settle down with long-term girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones.

The 25-year old bassist began dating Jones after they were introduced by Harry Judd in 2011, and he believes marriage could soon be on the cards because the talented artist is ‘a kindred spirit.’

“Yeah. We’re twin flames, a step up from soulmates. My girlfriend is obsessed with the idea,” he tells New! Magazine. “You can find a soulmate, but that’s the easy part. Soulmates are there to help you find your twin flame.”

Bandmate Harry married violinist Izzy Johnston wed in December, and the hunky McFly drummer believes it’s only a matter of time before Dougie and close pal Lara settle down.

“I’ve known her way longer than Dougie has,” he said. “He was in love with Lara before he even met her, just from seeing pictures and the way I described her. I played Cupid – and they’re the perfect match. Their story makes me think things like that are fate, that it’s meant to be.”

While Dougie was on hand to see both Harry and McFly guitarist Tom Fletcher tie the knot – he admits he’ll be pulling out all the stops to ensure his big day is nothing like theirs.

“I’ve got an idea but it’s not what everybody is expecting,” he recently told the magazine. “What can I reveal without giving away too much? There will be a petting zoo, for sure. But nowhere to wash your hand…

“Basically everyone else’s wedding has been the best day of their lives and guests had an amazing time. I can’t top that, so I’ll do the opposite and create the worst.”


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I added to the gallery the first scans we have of Hello Magazine from Harry and Izzys wedding. They’re not HQ but as soon as I have HQ scans I’ll post them.

[x]Scans > Magazines > 2013 > Hello Magazine (Harry’s Wedding) – January 7

If you are the owner of the scans let me know and I’ll credit you as I found them on tumblr.

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If you didn’t think Tom Fletcher and new bride Giovanna could get any cuter then we challenge you to watch this arty little wedding video without snotting all over the place.

Then again, if pouffy white dresses aren’t your thing, it’s worth a watch purely for the moment where the McFly lads get topless.


As well as documenting their special day from start to finish, we have to say we were quite interested in the bit where Tom and Dougie got topless and applied deodorant to each other.

If anything says bromance more than facing your pal’s sweaty pits, we don’t know what it is.

There’s also lots of wedding based crying, pretty dresses, cake cutting, first dances and general, adorable coupley moments.

You should probably check it out for yourself…

We didn’t even think we liked weddings, although to be fair we’ve never been to one where McFly got topless. Only our Uncle Kevin and nobody needs to see that.

But what do you think of all that? And more importantly, are you a snivelling, snot bag right now?


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Ok Georgia confirmed on twitter that the reports of her shutting down the marriage proposals are false.. again another gossip site inventing things.

MOST girls would love to marry a pop star, but not McFly’s Danny Jones, it seems. He keeps proposing… and keeps getting rejected.

Poor Jonesy, 25, told us: “I’ve asked my girlfriend to marry me five times now and she’s said no.

“So I don’t think we’ll be heading down the aisle this year. It’s a bit of a sore subject.”

The singer has been dating Georgia Horsely, 25, for over two years now, so we hope it’ll be sixth time lucky for him.

But at least the hunk has the wedding of fellow McFly star Tom Fletcher, 26, to look forward to if not.

Danny revealed at the press night of Wicked in London: “We’re all going to be best man at Tom’s wedding. We’re thinking we could sing him a song instead of doing speeches.”

But King of the Jungle Dougie Poynter, 24, may not be happy sharing the spotlight.

His bandmates say the cheeky chap’s ego has become mahoos- ive since winning.

The lads admitted: “We needed to get the doors of the studio widened since Dougie won I’m a Celeb so he can fit his big head in.”



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The King of the I’m a Celebrity jungle has revealed the unique theme he wants when he weds Lara Carew-Jones.

The McFly boys are all grown up and settling down and it seems Dougie Poynter is keen to follow in the footsteps of bandmate Tom Fletcher, who proposed to girlfriend Giovanna Falcone last year.

24 year old Dougie didn’t have a great start to 2011 after ending up in rehab, but his fortunes turned around in the latter half of the year, as he was crowned King of the I’m a Celebrity jungle and spoke of the new love in his life – Lara Carew-Jones.

Dougie has made no secret of the fact he would love to marry Lara and he has even started thinking about the type of wedding he wants.

Lara – don’t let this man go on Don’t Tell the Bride.

Dougie told TV Buzz: “Lara and I are basically the same person in two different bodies.

“There’s a rumour we’re getting married and I’m not sure where that came from. Will I marry Lara? Definitely! I’d quite like a Star Wars themed wedding.” Lara’s a lucky lady…

Nuptials aside, Dougie is set to join bandmate, and Strictly Come Dancing 2011 winner, Harry Judd at tomorrow night’s National Television Awards.

I’m a Celebrity is nominated in the Reality Programme category, while Strictly bosses are hoping to take the Talent Show gong.

Cheeky Dougie added: “ Harry and I were joking about both doing reality shows and I pointed out that I had to eat penis, wheras all he had to do is dance around in sequins.” Fair point.

The National Television Awards air Wednesday January 25 from 7.30pm. Results and gossip from the awards will be available on


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I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! winner Dougie Poynter has said that he will have a joke best man so he doesn’t upset his McFly bandmates.

The bassist is currently dating artist Lara Carew-Jones, but admitted that he would not be able to pick just one of his bandmates to be his best man.

He told the Metro: “I should have a novelty best man.
“Like somebody I don’t really know just so nobody gets offended.”

He added: “I think I’ll go out in the street blindfolded and the first guy I touch can be my best man.”

However, he admitted that he will have to compete with bandmate Tom Fletcher’s wedding to Giovanna Falcone next year.

He said: “Tom’s getting married in May and he’s having us three as his best men. So I don’t even know how I can top that.”

Poynter recently said he would be “mental” not to marry Lara.

He said: “I’m going to get Christmas out of the way before I do anything.

“She’s such an awesome chick. I think I’d be mental not to marry her. She’s very happy now that we’re back together, that’s for sure.”



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