Posted by Sandra on November 8 2012

This month saw the release of the collective autobiography Unsaid Things Our Story by the pop/punk collective known as McFly.

Before any nay-sayers bandy their opinions about whether or not this band have enough life experience or much of a story to tell let’s quash those thoughts straight away. This band create their own music and write their own lyrics; they have released five albums; have their own record label; performed ten headlining tours; won 27 music awards and are collectively 103 years old. The fact that they have crammed this into a 300 page book is an impressive feat; especially when having read the book you can see how they probably could have each released a solo autobiography rivalling the page count.

Unlike a lot of biographies, the bulk of the narrative is about the time that they band has been together. There are individual accounts of childhood, their families and growing up but instead of focusing on the how their background made them into who they are today the Fletcher, Pointer, Jones and Judd talk about how being in the band taught them how to grow up.

The account of their career to date is entertaining and endearing; the frank and honest approach to some of the darker moments and how humbling the effects of these times had on the band in a rich, fascinating but not overexposed way; these include Dougie and Tom’s stints in the rehab facility The Priory. The band talk about their visit to Africa as part of their work with Comic Relief and how they have continued to try and raise money for the charity – never in a boastful “look at us and the good work we are doing” kind of manner but in a genuinely unpretentious matter of fact way.

There are times in the book, during the more difficult periods of the band’s life that you do sense that they are holding back, not so much the details but protecting themselves, self-preservation of their feelings; if anything this makes them seem more human, more touchable than if they talked about their demons in a blasé way.

One of the main themes in the book is the almost desperate need for acknowledgement of their talent. There is an attitude within the world of music that if a band veers towards pop music then the music has little worth; bands like McFly and the defunct Busted were both victims of this negative attitude. McFly write their own music and lyrics, they have now started producing their own songs and they have taken control by releasing it through their own label with their own money. This is a lot more than many of your indie and rock bands are currently doing so you can understand their frustration. The band have somewhat come to terms with this now but their anguish is evident in the narrative.

The conversational style of Unsaid Things is truly fascinating; Dougie, Tom, Danny and Harry play around and bounce off each other exactly how you would expect them too and their friendship, nay their brotherhood, is evident on every page.

If you choose to read this book (and believe me, you want to read this book) there will be times that you will laugh, cry and cover your eyes with the shock of some of the things that the guys (*coughs* Danny and Harry) get up to.

It is an un-put-downable book that can (and was) devoured in one sitting.

Unsaid Things Our Story by McFly is available now from all good bookstores.


Posted by Sandra on October 25 2012

New date & time for Manchester Unsaid Things signing: 2nd November 11am.

Unfortunately, the signing in Manchester, Trafford Centre, has had to be pushed back by a couple of days to 11am on Friday 2nd November. Wristbands will still be issued at the same time which is from Saturday 27th October. Full details and terms and conditions for the signing can be found below.

For all those who may not now be able to attend the signing due to the change of date, the store will be taking pre-orders. Please call 0161 629 1157 to pre-order your signed and dedicated copy.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause.

The ‘Unsaid Things’ team.

Please see full terms and conditions below:
McFly book signing will take place at Selfridges, Trafford Centre in Home on the Upper Level on Friday 2nd November To queue for this event you must purchase your book from Books at Selfridges, Upper Level and collect a wristband with an allotted time from Saturday 27th October Wristbands will be given out on a first come, first served basis. Customers are advised to purchase the book early to avoid disappointment Anyone under the age of 14 years must be accompanied by an adult. Any accompanying adults will not need a wristband. Due to time and space limitations only one child can only be accompanied by one parent Those without a book and wristband will not be permitted to join the queue unless they are a parent or guardian of anyone under 14 years of age Proof of purchase WILL be required and will be checked on the day of the signing. Please keep this in a safe place Only copies of ‘Unsaid Things…Our Story’ bought from Books at Selfridges will be accepted The time at which the event ends will be determined by the promoters on the day Your wristband entitles you to one place in the queue to get your book signed by McFly A maximum of 3 books and one wristband per person Only the book will be signed. No other merchandise will be signed Strictly no posed photos. You are free to take pictures whilst McFly is signing Customers are advised not to arrive earlier than 10.30am for the signing on the 2nd November. Anyone arriving earlier may be asked to return at 11am


Posted by Sandra on October 3 2012

According to an article from randomhouse the McFly Greatest Hits album will be out 26th November, the article also says that with the Unsaid Things:Our Story book release it will be an app release for iphone and Android phones with lot of exclusive content.

unsaid things

The McFly Book companion app contains additional content to complement the band’s brand new autobiography – Unsaid Things: Our Story.

•  Photos – an additional 100 photographs that don’t appear in the book – many of which are taken
from the band’s personal collection and have previously never been seen

•    Videos – exclusive video content, including candid, behind the scenes footage from the book jacket cover shoot

•    Audio – a previously unreleased demo bonus track that will appear on the Deluxe Edition of the band’s upcoming Greatest Hits album (available from November 26th 20012

•    Augmented Reality – Fans will be able to access an exclusive video of the band performing an acoustic version of one of their hits, just by scanning the front cover of the book

•    Bonus Augmented Reality – Scan the back of the book and line a friend up alongside a photograph of the band. Then take a screen capture and share the snap on Facebook and Twitter.


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Thanks to @mcflysarmy for searching all the countries that from now or in a few days will have McFly’s autobiography book, Unsaid Things:Our Story avalaible to buy, this means if you live in one of this countries you don’t have to pay an extra for shipping.

If you click on the country name you’ll be redirected to their amazon store to pre-order your copy of the book.









Posted by Sandra on September 27 2012

McFly have released a new creation, it’s their brand new autobiography!

It’s called Unsaid Things: Our Story and it’s out in shops in October 11th!

When the boys were asked to explain the book, Tom said this “It’s in the gap where Twilight and Harry Potter meet. Our book is in the middle”

So we’re still quite confused! But if it’s about McFly then it’s bound to be great!

We’re definitely going to check it out because we think there’s bound to be some secrets about Danny that nobody knew!

Click here to pre-order the book!

If you’re a big McFly fan then you should check out The Club with Luke as he’s always playing McFly’s best tunes.

Here’s a video of one of our favourites, it’s All About You!


Posted by Sandra on September 26 2012


After what feels like our entire lives, there’s not long to wait until McFly release their brand new autobiography, Unsaid Things: Our Story.

If that wasn’t enough of a joy in itself, the lads have decided to celebrate by making a video that naturally ended up revolving around their love of erotic fiction.

We might have been expecting several chapters about who spoons who when they’re off on tour, but we really hadn’t imagined the book to involve in depth tales about their real life experiences of vampires and bondage.

“It’s like all the best books you’ve ever read in one,” Tom said.

It might not be to everyone’s taste though, as Dougie explained, adding: “If you liked Lord of the Rings, then this book’s probably not for you..”

“..But if you like Fifty Shades of Grey, then it is..,” Danny added.

HELL YEAH. You don’t have to tell us twice if it involves both McFly AND casual nudity.
…keep reading.

Posted by Sandra on September 26 2012

Mcfly are without doubt one of Britain’s best-loved bands. Meet Tom, Danny, Harry and Dougie as they sign copies of the eagerly awaited Unsaid Things: Our Story.

The band will be appearing at Waterstones Piccadilly on publication day (11th October) at 5:30pm.

Access to the queue will be first come first served so please arrive early to avoid disappointment as the event will not be ticketed in advance. Mcfly will sign copies of the autobiography only, no merchandise or memorabillia and due to time constraints there will be no posed customer photography.

If you can’t get to London though- don’t panic! Further dates to be announced soon.

Find the official event on Waterstones’ site HERE and scroll until you find it :)

Posted by Sandra on September 26 2012

You can watch below a video of McFly introducing their autobiography book named Unsaid Things: Our Story

Posted by Sandra on September 19 2012

As I posted earlier the boys did a new photoshoot and some promo interviews related to the Greatest Hits Album, now we know that it was specifically for the release of the autobiography book and “Love is Easy” release as a single.

Posted by Sandra on August 16 2012

I added to the gallery the cover in HQ of McFly’s autobiography book named Unsaid Things:Our Story that is set to be released in october 11th. You can pre-order it HERE

[x1]Official > Unsaid Things:Our Story-Autobiography Book

McFly's Autobiography


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