Posted by Sandra on July 5 2012

DESPITE McFly bassist Dougie Poynter being deeply superstitious, he will join the multi-selling band on stage at Tynemouth Priory on Friday the 13th.

In the wake of the recent floods, and with a history of torrential downpours, the Mouth of the Tyne Festival looks doomed to always be blighted by bad weather.

But it will take more than a drop of rain to put Dougie off.

“Gigs tend to be better if it’s raining because people can’t sit down.

“We have played some of our best shows in the rain. Everone has to jump around to keep warm, so I say – ‘bring on the rain!’,” he said.

“We are all really superstitious – there’s a band that we now can’t listen to because if we do it just brings us bad luck.

“Because it’s Friday the 13th our belt buckles will probably break and our trousers will all fall down.

“We are always, always excited to play and we are not blasé so it will be amazing to play in a historical building like the Priory.”

Fans of the band can expect a string of famous hits next week – and the possibility of hearing some of the band’s latest material.

“It is about making sure that everyone there is 100 per cent involved,” he said.

“We want to satisfy all ages groups and everyone that is there, from really small kids to the grandparents, it should be entertaining.

“It’s actually better if we play bad because then we just talk a lot.”

2011 was a bit of a rollercoaster for Dougie, pictured, who started the year checking himself into rehab where he received help for depression, to finishing on a high of being crowned King of the Jungle in ITV’s I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here.

“It was certainly a year I will never forget, there were a lot of ups and downs,” he said. “But the jungle was just awesome. I met a lot of amazing people that I’m still friends with now – I texted Mark (Wright) yesterday and I saw Willie (Carson) the other day.

“Mark is the same age as me and he wasn’t the sort of guy I thought he was going to be, he wasn’t the way he was portrayed in The Only Way Is Essex, he was compeletely different to that.

“It was a lot of fun, it was very chilled out for me.

“It was like a detoxing from dairy holiday, you know if you detox from dairy you feel a gazillion times better? It was like that – a daily rehab with insects.”
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