Posted by Sandra on April 30 2013

I just got home from my UK trip to see Mcfly on their tour (still processing all the good things that happened there) and what a surprise when I turn on my laptop and I see that The Saint Kidd Summer Collection is here!! And to be honest.. I love practically everything from the new collection! so make sure to check it out at aswell as the shirts from the past collections.
I also added to the gallery some pics of Dougie from the photoshoot of the new collection.

[x5]photoshoots > 2013 > saint kidd summer collection behind the scenes

[X8]photoshoots > 2013 > saint kidd summer ’13

All the credit for the pics goes to Tom Leishman.

Posted by Sandra on January 1 2013

I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie from the KCAPL Tour taken by Tom Leishman and some from the Up Close But this Time it’s Personal Tour that Dean Sherwood took.

[x7]Official > Dean Sherwood

[x2]Official > Tom Leishman

all the credit for the pics goes to Tom Leishman and Dean Sherwood obviously.

Posted by Sandra on December 24 2012

I added to the gallery this new pic of Dougie from the Saint Kidd photoshoot that they posted on their instagram to wish us merry christmas. I also want to wish you all Merry Xmas, hope you spend this day with all your family and friends.

[x1]Photoshoots > 2012 > Saint Kidd 2

Posted by Sandra on October 30 2012

I added to the gallery two pics of Dougie along with Dan Darke, Tom Leishman and the rest of the Saint Kidd crew from last weekend when they did a new photoshoot for the brand.

[x2]Miscellaneous > Twitter

Posted by Sandra on October 25 2012

Tom Leishman uploaded to his instagram account a new pic of Dougie from the set of the Love is Easy video.

[x1]Official > Love Is Easy

Posted by Sandra on October 3 2012

Seems we’re having new pics of the boys soon as they’re doing a new photoshoot with Tom Leishman next week, you can tweet your ideas for the photoshoot to him at @loveleishman maybe he use your idea for the photos.

Posted by Sandra on September 19 2012

In a new interview with Talent House Tom Leishman discussed how’s working with McFly.

TH: You have been working as the personal photographer for the chart-topping British pop rock group McFly (the youngest band to ever have a UK number one, superseding the Beatles’ earlier hold). How did you arrive at this position?
Tom: I was introduced to Dougie from McFly when I was working with the pop band The Saturdays. At the time Dougie was in a relationship with my friend Frankie Sandford, who is in The Saturdays.  At the beginning Dougie invited me to a few shows to photograph them live on the odd occasion, as time progressed I found myself going away on tour with them becoming McFly’s personal photographer. Since then I have had the privilege to have been the photographer behind the website press photos, tour brochures, posters and the 2012 official calendar.  So word of mouth basically, I’m very fortunate!

TH: Following your initial collaboration with McFly,  you went on to work with the band’s bassist Dougie Poynter and his clothing company,  Saint Kidd. Could you describe this work and the experience of focusing on apparel as well as photography?
Tom: Through working with McFly Dougie and I have gotten to know each other quite well, we both share similar views on a number of things, having a similar dress sense and style has always been a reoccurring topic. Dougie was midway through setting up a clothing label named Saint Kidd,  naturally I was interested when he approached me to be involved, immediately we started to collaborate on themes, ideas for styling and photo-shoots. I know It seems to be a reoccurring trend that members of popular bands start clothing labels to make a quick buck out of their fans, but thats not the case with Saint Kidd because Saint Kidd isn’t going to be a brand that with no effort prints on cheap simple products without any thought put into them, every inch of every product Saint Kidd produces is custom cut and designed inch by inch, we take so much care and attention to detail and the process of having an item made can be a long process, sending them back and forth from the designers and factories but it’s to make sure it’s the best we can offer!  Saint Kidd clothing is original and I’m proud to wear the products and I’m glad to say I’m involved. Since Saint Kidd launched other than help operate Saint Kidd and build the brand I’ve photographed the fashion look-books and photograph the products for the website.

TH: Could you describe a couple of especially memorable photoshoots (and could you share the photos from those shoots)?
Tom: I think my most memorable photo-shoot to this date would be one of the set ups from the McFly’s 2012 Calendar shoot, when I put the band on 9ft wooden ladders in the middle of a big lake! I had to hire two lifeguards to help me do the shoot, they swam out and placed the ladders where I wanted them to be, they then escorted each band member individually out to the ladders without them getting wet on a tiny rubber boat. They then had to push me out in the rubber boat to take the photos! The photos came out exactly how I wanted them to! I couldn’t have done it without the lifeguards and the trust from the band! The risky cost of trying to do something creative and original, totally worth it!


Posted by Sandra on April 17 2012

I added to the gallery some awesome pics from the KCAPL tour that Dean Sherwood and Tom Leishman took. I also added a new pic of Dougie that is up now at the Super City. All the credit for the pics goes to Dean and Tom.

[x1]Official > Dean Sherwood

[x2]Official > Tom Leishman

[x1]Official > Super City Promotional Pics

Posted by Sandra on March 29 2012

I added to the gallery a new pic of Dougie from the Saint Kidd promotional shoot.
All the credit for the pic goes to Tom Leishman.

Posted by Sandra on March 4 2012

I added to the gallery a new pics of Dougie and the rest of the boys from the photoshoot they did with Tom Leishman, I have to say it.. I LOVE the pics sooo much!!! He really is an AMAZING photographer.

[x17]Official > Tom Leishman

All the credit for the pics goes to Tom Leishman


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