Posted by Sandra on September 14 2012

I added to the gallery some more pics of Dougie from the last gig at The Roxy in L.A. and with some fans.

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[x18]On Tour > US Tour > The Roxy Theatre L.A. – September 10

[x11]Candids > 2012 > At The Hotel After The Gig At The Roxy In L.A. – September 10

[x4]Candids > 2012 > Meeting Fans At The Hotel In L.A. – Different Days

[x2]Candids > 2012 > Meeting Fans In L.A. – September 7

all the credit for the pics goes to Faviola

Posted by Sandra on September 13 2012

Nadine is the author of some famous beauty books and also works for Vanity Fair and she was lucky enough to be at the second McFly show at The Roxy in L.A. below you can read how it was for her seeing McFly live for the first time in USA and also a pic with her with Dougie and Tom.

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Rocking the Roxy with my favorite English band McFly

Do you remember that scene in Friends when Rachel and Monica go head-to-head with Joey and Chandler in trivia, with the winners getting Monica’s apartment? (It’s the classic “The One with the Embryos” episode, widely considered the best Friends episode of all time–Entertainment Weekly called it “quite possibly Friends‘ finest moment”–ranked #21 on TV Guide’s list of “Top 100 TV Episodes.”)

Anyhow, in the episode, this exchange takes place:

Ross: Rachel claims this is her favorite movie.
ChandlerDangerous Liaisons.
Ross: Correct. Her actual favorite movie is?
JoeyWeekend at Bernie’s.

I am guilty of this when it comes to the English band McFly. Nobody will ever top Pearl Jam for me (and I mean it! I swear! I’m totally serious, you guys!) but I love ranking things, and I can tell you thatFoo Fighters are my 2nd favorite band, Pink Floyd my 3rd favorite, Counting Crows 4th, etc, on down the list.

But, really, I’m lying. Once you take Pearl Jam out of the equation, there’s nobody I love more thanMcFly.

I guess the embarrassment stems from the fact that they feel like a boy band. Their songs aren’t angsty and complex; it’s simply not the kind of show any self-respecting rock-’n-roll lover would be caught dead at. And yet: they’re not a boy band.

McFly is in the Guinness Book of World Records, having broken the record previously established byThe Beatles for being the youngest band ever to have a debut album go straight to number one. Their co-lead singer Tom Fletcher has penned ten number 1 singles in the UK and twenty-one top ten singles, not just for McFly themselves but also for bands (yes, boy bands) like One Direction. Their songs are catchy as hell, the guys play their own instruments, there’s no dancing (unless you count the bonkers fans) and the band members are absolutely adorable.

With English boy bands coming back into vogue, it’s not surprising that McFly’s management likely decided the time was right to try (again) to crack America. They’re here in the States now, doing two shows each in LA at The Roxy and in a few days in New York City at the Gramercy Theater–both tiny venues–and in a stroke of luck, I got to see them last night. Considering then that McFly sells out Wembley, has sold over 8 million records, and has paparazzi following them everywhere in the UK, the fact that I was able to see them perform with about 99 other die-hard fans…in the raised VIP section next to the stage, no less…well, I about lost my mind.

I know, I know. I’m a 13-year-old. But whatever.

I always feel silly dancing at concerts; I don’t know if other people experience this, but I feel self-conscious, looking around as if waiting for permission to shake my booty, eventually shimmying a little while clutching a drink.

Last night? Seeing one of my favorite bands, in the VIP section, on their first-ever, sold-out, tiny US tour? You’d better believe I threw off those inhibitions, sang along, didn’t care how embarrassing it was that I loved this band so much, danced my little heart out, and had the absolute time of my life.

Here’s some footage from the show last night – as you can see, it’s pure pre-teen estrogen!


Posted by Sandra on September 11 2012

Click the read more button to watch some videos of the guys from last night at The Roxy.

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Posted by Sandra on September 11 2012

As I did with the videos from the first show, if you want to see it click the read more button so this way people who don’t want to be spoiled don’t have to see it.

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Posted by Sandra on September 10 2012

Here’s a small video that David filmed at the first McFly show in L.A. and that was uploaded on the official mcfly’s youtube channel.

All the credit for the video goes to David Spearing.

Posted by Sandra on September 9 2012

I added to the gallery two new pics of Dougie during the gig at The Roxy and a pic with a fan the same day.

[x2]On Tour > US Tour > The Roxy Theatre L.A. – September 7

[x1]Candids > 2012 > Meeting Fans In L.A. – September 7

credit for the pics to candycanepirate and wishesincalifornia

Posted by Sandra on September 9 2012

As yesterday if you want to see the videos click the read more button as obviously they contain spoilers of the setlist.

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Posted by Sandra on September 8 2012

If you’re going to one of the rest of the US shows and don’t want to be spoiled don’t watch the videos below as obviously you’ll know which songs the boys are going to play at the rest of the concerts. But if you’re not going enjoy watching the boys playing some of their old and new songs!
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