Posted by Sandra on March 8 2012

Thanks to @noizefeeler for the link.

Posted by Sandra on March 7 2012

thanks to @noizefeeler for linking me the video

Posted by Sandra on March 7 2012

Now we didn’t really need any extra confirmation on how hot those McFly fellas are, but it seems this little tale just verifies what we knew the whole time… Women love McFly.

In fact, women love Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter, Harry Judd and Danny Jones so much that about 400 of them decided to turn up to the IndigO2 in London last night, just to see their idols make a mad dash from the building to their car (and to obviously smother them in love, kisses and camera lenses).

The McFly fellas were of course there for other reasons (although we’re sure they enjoyed that fan love). The boys were actually in town to do their very best Simon Cowell impressions and be on the judging panel for an exciting competition called the Next BRIT Thing 2012, where they had to pick three talented artists from a nationwide search for brand new musical talent. They were joined on the panel by the fabulous classical singer Laura Wright and some other important musical bods.

And the boys did a great job of it – they hand-picked the three winners (Paul Shevlin, Sarah Gardner and Floodliners) after a delicious Nandos dinner fuelled them up for the night… Of course it was lucky they did grab a chicken burger or two beforehand because when the boys finally did leave the building, they chose to thoughtfully stop for a “considerable amount of time” to take pictures with fans, sign autographs and generally be nice. Aw!

And we reckon there’ll be some more happy McFans this week too – because the boys are kicking off on their Keep Calm and Play Louder Tour in Portsmouth tomorrow. Obviously, we’re hoping for stories of nakedness while singing or races to see who can make the quickest pizza delivery to the stage again…

It’s for reasons like this that we love ’em after all!


Posted by Sandra on March 7 2012

McFly have once again shown everyone that not only are they gorgeous, but giving too, after helping to selec three unsigned artists to crown winners of Next BRIT Thing – a national music competition for 11-19 year olds backed by the UK music industry, The BRIT Awards and the Government.


All the contestant seemed to leave Dougie feeling a bit inadequate, as he tweeted;

“Just been judging some awesome young dudes for Next Brit Thing. Put my bass playing to shame!”

The boys helped pick Paul Shelvin as the winner of the general category;

…Sarah Gardner as the classical winner, and the band Floodliners for the songwriting category.

“We just judged at The Next Brit Thing and met some exceptionally talented people,” tweeted Tom after the show.

“Seriously awesome!!

“Saw some amazing female guitarists tonight too…i need to practice!”

How wise and musical of them.

Anything that gets McFly in more leather than a cow-field is a winner with us.


Posted by Sandra on March 2 2012

The Next Brit Thing official website announced that McFly are one of the judges of the show finale.

There’s still some tickets left for the show finale on Monday, 5th March, You can order them HERE

Who will be judging the NBT Final…

Multi-platinum McFly have had 18 consecutive Top 20 singles, including seven Number 1s. They have sold out arenas all over the world and are currently working on their sixth studio album. McFly will be fresh out of the studio on the night of the final, as they’re preparing for their latest tour – big thanks to them for giving us their time!



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