Posted by Sandra on October 15 2012

The boys finally tackle the one question we’ve been dying to ask for years as we chat to them about their new autobiography.

Being rather large fans of McFly, we ‘d naturally read the whole of their autobiography, Unsaid Things: Our Story, one and a half times (once all the way through and then back over all the good bits with a highlighter – isn’t that how you always read books?) before our video interview with the boys.

Sure, we planned to ask them about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, but first things first, one thing caught our eye in the book that we just needed to know more about. Ice cream. About half way through Unsaid Things, Tom had a little moan about journalists (who, US?!) and how we didn’t always ask proper music questions about the band. According to Tom, all we wanted to know about was their fave flavour of ice cream and it got on his nerves because McFly didn’t get into music to talk about mint choc chip.

Well, you know what Tom? This was is OUR interview and, now you mention it, we DO want to know if you like mint choc chip. And it turns out, they really do.

Once that was out of the way, we could focus on proper stuff – for you, Tom – with the boys hoping to prove just how much hard work it took to get McFly into the charts, with all of the chaps experiencing knock backs and heartache as they grew up.

But these days, Danny, Dougie, Harry and Tom can relax and be themselves, comfortable with their success and the way they’re viewed by the public. So much so that they’ve even gone into writing children’s books about dinosaurs. And poo. Yeah, find out about that above.

And being 3am Online, we were always going to quiz the boys on their celebrity knowledge, with McFly taking part in out poorly named Guess the Celebrity Behind the Autobiography game. Find out who won that above.

If you did a little chuckle at the video above, you’re going to love the boys’ new book – which is out now and cheeky, charming, funny as hell and genuinely honest. Not in a normal celebrity autobiography way, but in a ‘holy crap – did they just say that?’ way.

You can watch the video interview at the SOURCE

Posted by Sandra on October 10 2012

McFly are everywhere lately!!! and I have to say I love that!!! Latest news are that on The Mirror website tonight at 10pm UK time there’s going to be a McFly related announcement that I suppose is the artwork for the Greatest Hits as it’s going to be released tonight. You can read more info HERE. But that’s not all, at 3am another McFly announcement will appear on the same website.


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