Posted by Sandra on July 17 2012

If you’re a Super City member log in to your account as there’s a new video up!!! They uploaded a video from T in the Park.

You can watch it HERE

Posted by Sandra on July 2 2012

If you’re an Annual Plus member on Super City you can head to the events page and book a slot on one of this summer Meet and Greets.

Want to meet Mcfly this summer? Already subscribed with our awesome Annual Plus package? Then head on over and sign up at or head to the ‘events’ page on your profile to pick a date and time slot.

And if you haven’t signed up yet what are you waiting for? Upgrade/Sign up NOW or risk missing out!

Posted by Micky on March 18 2012

Supercity has announced that London’s gig is going to be filmed for supercity

If you live abroad, or simply haven’t been able to get tickets, you’re probably dying to see what the guys latest tour has been like. This is why Super City will be filming the Hammersmith Apollo show in it’s entirety, exclusively for all you Super Citizens.
If you’re coming along on the 7th, keep an eye out for the cameras, and if you’re not going to be there you can look forward to viewing the whole show only on Super City.

Posted by Sandra on February 22 2012

Super City posted a new intro on their site saying they apologise for the lack of video content on the site recently..In my opinion it’s not recently, they aren’t doing anything worth what we pay in a long time so they better have great things as they say or I’ll loose my faith in them..

We’d like to apologise for the lack of video content going up on the site lately- we’ve been making some changes so that everything runs smoother and so that everything is ready in time for tour.

Don’t worry- we’ve got a lot of exciting content lined up to upload and it’ll be well worth the wait!

Posted by Sandra on February 21 2012

The Super City posted on twitter that they had an awesome new surprise for their subscribers and now we know what were they talking about.

We have some brand new membership cards ready and waiting to go out to every member of our site (with a Monthly, Annual or Annual Plus subscription) ready for the tour.

These exclusive cards will be your way of accessing early entry on tour and for our Annual Plus members they’ll also be your way into our exclusive summer M&Gs.

The cards will be sent out worldwide, so even if you can’t make it to tour with us in the UK, be sure to hold onto it for the same access opportunities when they become available near you!

So if you’ve been a member and fully subscribed to us for the last three consecutive months these brand new cards will be winging their way out to you very, very soon.

If you haven’t yet renewed or begun a paying subscription with us, don’t panic! You may not have one of our brand new cards but if you join us today you will have access to all of our exclusive tour content including 30 backstage videos filmed by the guys themselves. Also if you join us as an Annual or Annual Plus member you will still be able to get into the early entry on tour with a print out confirmation of your subscription so don’t hesitate if you want to be a part of it.

P.s. these are only just being printed now, so please don’t mail saying you haven’t received yours yet!


Posted by Sandra on February 21 2012

Tom posted on Super City that today the boys are off to a Posh Charity Lunch at the Dorchester Hotel. As soon as we have more news about that we’ll let you know.

Morning, We’ve got a posh charity lunch at the dorchester hotel today. I hope there are scones!

Posted by Sandra on February 1 2012

The March-April McFly tour didn’t had an official name till now! the guys revealed that the tour is going to be called “Keep Calm and Play Louder Tour”! Read what the Super City posted below.

Super City can officially announce that the upcoming 30 date spring tour is going to be called the ‘Keep Calm and Play Louder’ tour!

Our very own Tom Fletcher put together this poster exclusively for you guys- it’s not featuring as official promo but as a little something especially for you all here at Super City to get you all hyped and ready for tour.

You heard it here first, now who’s excited?


You like the name of the tour? Answer on the poll below!

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Posted by Sandra on January 24 2012

The Super City posted some exciting news for us regarding the Tour and the Super City itself.

The guys have been away writing some brand new songs for the next album but now they’re back we’ve been getting in the tour zone and planning some great content for the 2012 UK tour, as well as all the usual great benefits subscribers receive.

Exclusive Backstage Video
For those of you who can’t make it, or just want to re-live the experience, all throughout the tour we’ll be letting the guys loose with their own cameras to make 30 backstage videos from every night of the tour.

Tour Documentary
As well as this we’ll be filming a full documentary that will follow the guys all the way from the planning stages, through rehearsals, to the all the backstage fun and the shows themselves!

Early Access
Annual and Annual Plus subscribers get early access at each tour date. Most of the venues have standing floors so that means you get first chance to be in the front!

Danny’s Aftershow Parties
Back by popular demand, DJ Danny will be taking to the decks for some exclusive Super City Aftershow Parties – and all Super City subscribers will be getting priority, VIP treatment. More info to follow soon…

Other upcoming Supercity Content
We are finishing work on a new chat platform, but as soon as that is done Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry will be resuming regular chats with you all!

You will also be seeing special videos on everything going on, including Harry on the Strictly Come Dancing Tour. And watch out for a brand new range of Mcfly and tour merchandise available exclusively to everyone here at Super City.


Posted by Sandra on November 18 2011

SuperCity has posted this about the presage and the general sale of the March/April McFly tour.

  1. The 26 date tour goes on sale Sat 3 Dec at 9am. Standby for full info. Also, Super City subscribers will be emailed AND messaged their unique code to use for the presales with full info – Annual Plus presale is 4-6 pm on Thursday 1st Dec, and then at 6 pm it opens for the full presale for Super City subscribers, continuing through Friday 2nd Dec.

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