Posted by Sandra on November 4 2011

I added to the gallery some new pics of Dougie at the Summer Sundae Festival last August in MQ and some new ones from Chester Rocks in HQ.

[x10]Events And Appearances > 2011 > Chester Rocks – July 2

McFly Chester RocksMcFly at Chester RocksDougie Poynter Chester RocksDougie Poynter at Chester Rocks

[x9]Events And Appearances > 2011 > Summer Sundae – August 14

Dougie Poynter Summer Sundae FestivalDougie Poynter at the Summer Sundae FestivalMcFly Summer Sundae FestivalMcFly at the Summer Sundae Festival

Posted by Sandra on August 19 2011

Headliners of the entire weekend and highly anticipated (by most), McFly took to the stage at 9.15pm with fans having sat at the barrier since 11am. McFly have everything that you would want in a mainstream act. They always attempt to vary their sound which was evident from the set that they played, performing songs from the 8 years the band have been together. McFly will always split audiences, it will always happen with any mainstream act. Yet I firmly believe that they do not deserve the stick that they get. Yes, they are essentially a pop act but they write all of their own songs, they play all their own instruments and they are dedicated to their fans 100%. Yet, as they sing in ‘One For The Radio’, “…don’t pretend you hate us when you sing our songs. We all look the same in the dark…” Don’t right off a band who you think may be ‘awful/poppy/rubbish’ until you have seen them live. They powered through their set, bringing the tempo up with ‘Party Girl’ then dropping it down for the acoustic ‘All About You/Obviously’ mix. Highlights of the set included the enchanting ‘If You C Kate’ and the incredible finale of ‘Shine A Light’. The guys in the band are all extremely talented and musically cannot be faulted at all. They put on an incredible show and I bet anybody who think they are just a ‘pop band’ to sit through their set and not be impressed.

Summer Sundae has to be one of the cleanest and friendliest festivals. The set-up is amazing with the staff and volunteers always appearing happy to help. The music is wonderful and diverse as well. Yet, while it is fantastic to invest in local music, sometimes it felt as though there was TOO much as many of the stages had local bands constantly on them, yet the variety of genres could not be faulted.. Regardless of this, the festival was fantastic and the weather held out. It was a shame that there were last minute cancellations from the Pierces and times changed in the Last FM Rising Stage on the Sunday meaning that I missed a few acts but I guess these things could not be helped. The environment and atmosphere were brilliant and the festival felt sage. The nice things about the festival in particular was the difference in ages of the audience and how most of the audience wanted to listen and embrace different music and bands without judging them.


Posted by Sandra on August 17 2011

I added to the gallery new pics of Dougie at the Summer Sundae Festival the past weekend. All the credit for the pics goes to ClareGissane and Tom Torphe

[x32]Events and Appearances > 2011 > Summer Sundae – August 14

Posted by Sandra on August 16 2011

I added to the gallery two new pics of Dougie, Danny and Harry with Barrie Stephen and Paull Forrest at the Summer Sundae Festival.


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McFly covered Tinie Tempah’s ‘Pass Out’ during an eventful headline set on Summer Sundae Weekender 2011’s final day.
The four-piece, augmented by a keyboard player and two backing singers, opened with ‘Party Girl’, and were faced with the weekend’s biggest crowd, with a hardcore of screaming fans waving banners at the front.

Bassist Dougie Poynter took centre stage for ‘Transylvania’, with drummer Harry Judd begging him to “sing it properly” and joking that the full moon looked like singer/guitarist Tom Fletcher.

The band played hits ‘Star Girl’, and ‘5 Colours In Her Hair’, which featured an extended outro where singer/guitarist Danny Jones fired t-shirts into the crowd.

A PA announcement about a missing child led the band to start a chant of the boy’s name, jokingly declaring themselves “heroes” when he was found.

A medley of ‘All About You’ and ‘Obviously’ followed, along with the ‘Pass Out’ cover, which saw Jones at the crowd barriers, and main set closer ‘The Heart Never Lies’.

The band then encored with ‘One For The Radio’ and ‘Shine A Light’ before bidding farewell.


Posted by Sandra on August 15 2011

Enjoy it :D

Posted by Sandra on June 21 2011

McFly is set to perform at the Summer Sundae Festival on 14th August and now you can buy your tickets to attend at the official webstore of the band.

Buy your tickets now clicking HERE


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