Posted by Sandra on November 16 2012


We met up with the (WELL FIT) McFly boys this week – and had a very serious discussion about their musical inspirations, the meaning of life, and the current economic situation in Greece.

NAHHHHH not really – what do you take us for? Actually, we made Dougie wear a kinky pink blindfold and guess which fellow bandmate was kissing him. OBVIOUSLY.

Yes, we realise we have a slight obession with pink blindfolds right now, but bear with us on this one – because there is some genuinely legit reasoning behind this game.

*AHEM* McFly’s brillilant new single is called LOVE IS EASY, right? Well, people also say that LOVE IS BLIND….

Ok yeah, we just wanted to see McFly kiss each other. Watch the video below to see a very reluctant Dougie get smoochy with Tom, Harry and Danny. It made us laugh so much we did a little bit of wee.

We can’t decide which is our favourite part – Dougie referring to Danny as ‘it’ or Harry knocking the camera over because he was ‘all in a daze’. PAHA.


Posted by Sandra on September 22 2011

here’s a brief article of one of Sugarscape’s reporters who met mcfly the other day at the Blackberry 7 launch party..well she met Dougie, Danny and Tom.. Harry was missing because of Strictly Come Dancing.

If you click the pics you’ll see them bigger in the gallery.

[…]Amongst the riff raff of Made In Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex people, we’d heard it on good authority that the McFly boys were in the vicinity. We just so happened to bump into Danny and Dougie (it’s not like we were searching for them or anything…) who were drinking the same lovely, er, blackberry juice cocktails that we were. Could explain Dougie’s face on this one.

mcfly blackberry 7 launch party

Take two?

mcfly blackberry 7 launch party

Nope, now Danny’s in on the act too.

Unfortunately Harry wasn’t there to complete the pack but we did find Tom knocking around too. Three out of four ain’t bad.

mcfly blackberry 7 launch party

Tom’s pic is at the gallery of my friend’s Tom site. If you click the pic it will redirect you to it:)


Posted by Sandra on September 10 2011


McFly’s Dougie Poynter is hot. Yes, he’s had a few different looks in his time, but he’s still undeniably one hell of a fittie. It’s just one of those facts of life isn’t it.

Like the fact that we love his guitar-strapped bod, the fact that long, short, brown or blonde, we always love his hair, and the fact that if you carry on reading this story, you’ll find just over twenty pictures of lovely Dougie and his lovely Dougie face!

Yeah, we really are too good to you…

Click on the pic below and go to Sugarscape’s site to see their favorite pics of Dougie.

Dougie Poynter

Posted by Sandra on July 11 2011

Sugarscape posted a brief review of McFly’s performance at T4 on the Beach

Ahh McFly. We don’t feel like we can group them in part of The Boyband Massive, they play their own instruments and don’t have dance routines (sadly), but they were there and they ROCKED.



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