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This article says practically the same as the last post, anyways I think we’ll soon know if that’s true or not..

The double victory by McFly stars Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter on Strictly Come Dancing and I’m A Celebrity . . . respectively has made the band one of the hottest properties in TV.
Major broadcasters, including the BBC and ITV, have expressed an interest in signing McFly, possibly for their own Saturday night variety show.
Executives believe the clean-cut quartet — also made up of Danny Jones and Tom Fletcher — have the appeal to become an Osmonds-style crossover act.
My source close to the band confirms: ‘There has been significant interest from the main broadcasters and a number of production companies about a show.’
McFly have decided to think about their plans over the next few weeks while Harry is on the Strictly Come Dancing tour and then decide what to do.


Posted by Sandra on January 6 2012

I really loved Harry winning SCD and Dougie I’m a Celebrity but I just want them to focus on her music career right now, I don’t want them to be known for their time on TV shows ratter than for their music.

McFly have been approached by both the BBC and ITV to front their own Saturday night variety show.

Both the BBC and ITV have reportedly expressed an interest in the ‘Star Girl’ hitmakers – made up of Dougie Poynter, Harry Judd, Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones – in the hope of capitalising on the success of Harry’s victory on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and Dougie being crowned King of the Jungle on ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!’.

An insider told the Daily Mail newspaper: “There has been significant interest from the main broadcasters and a number of production companies about a show.”

Harry has previously claimed none of the other members of McFly could have been as successful on ‘I’m A Celeb’ as Dougie, as his bandmate’s “funny and quirky” qualities would always win over viewers.

He said: “None of us could have done ‘I’m A Celebrity’ but Dougie. He’s the shyest, but once you get to know him, he’s so funny and quirky. He’s very endearing as a person.

“‘Strictly’ suits me because I work hard, and I’m probably the best dancer out of all of us.”


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McFly’s Dougie Poynter has admitted bandmate Harry Judd’s reality TV victory was much tougher than his own.

Dougie was crowned King of the Jungle in this year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get me Out Of Here! while Harry has just won Strictly Come Dancing 2011, but Dougie admitted all he had to do was lounge in a hammock.

Dougie laughed: “Harry dancing was definitely harder.

“That’s all I had to do, right at the end I ate a penis but apart from that I chilled in a hammock!”

Harry added: “I think the thing is not just all the training I had to do but I had to go out live in front of millions of people and dance, which is quite a daunting experience. To be fair you did eat some rather dodgy things.”

The pair admitted they were both enjoying celebrating their victories as they attended The Sun Military Awards at the Imperial War Museum in central London.

Harry said: “It’s feeling good, it’s quite strange. Dougie was with me on Saturday night when I won. And we had a little moment and he looked at me and said ‘It feels good winning doesn’t it?!’

“But it does. We can’t quite believe what has happened but we’ve both had an amazing experience individually and we’re quite overwhelmed and humbled really.”

Harry and Dougie also paid tribute to some forces’ heroes. Harry said: “My best friend’s brother has been out in Afghanistan twice. I was at his family’s house for Christmas when he was out in Afghanistan. That was quite an emotional time for their family.”

The night, dubbed the Millies or Night of Heroes, was also attended by David Beckham with sons Brooklyn and Cruz, plus others including X Factor winners Little Mix and TV presenter Christine Bleakley.


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McFLY are to build on the success of their reality show triumphs with a new multi-million pound recording contract and TV deal.

Drummer Harry Judd, 25, won Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday while bandmate Dougie Poynter, 24, is the I’m A Celebrity king.

Harry has been flooded with modelling and TV offers.

Both ITV and BBC are lining up projects for the band, which includes Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones.

McFly’s record deal also runs out in the spring, and a source said their new offer will be “worth millions”.


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Harry Judd’s bandmate Tom Fletcher has revealed that McFly wanted to strip naked at the Strictly Come Dancing final much to the shock of host Bruce Forsyth, but thought the BBC wouldn’t be too pleased.

The boy band rushed onto the stage following the announcement that Harry Judd was the 2011 champion, embracing their bandmate and leaving the drummer’s partner Aliona Vilani on her own and host Bruce Forsyth in a flap.
Initially not realising the intruders were Harry’s celeb friends, Forsyth attempted to shoo them away, shouting: ‘Get off the stage! Get off the stage! Get off! Get off!’

McFly were delighted by the confusion they caused however, with guitarist Tom Fletcher saying: ‘I think Brucie thought we were streakers. We wanted to streak but I don’t think the BBC would be too happy about that.’

Dougie Poynter, who recently won I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! was similarly unrepentant, tweeting: ‘Ha ha! Baited Bruce’ with other users heralding the awkward moment ‘TV gold’ and ‘the best television moment of 2011’.

Labelled the most ‘serious’ of the boy band by Aliona Vilani, Harry Judd had kind words for the long-serving TV host however, saying of Sir Bruce: ‘It has been an absolute honour to be on the same show as Bruce and, thankfully, I got to say that to him.’


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I see lot of hating..more like envy on this article..

THE final of Strictly Come Dancing is not my favourite.

Unlike the earlier episodes – with Russell Grant and Robbie Savage – I never know how seriously we’re supposed to take it.

Certainly not as seriously as Len Goodman who compared the dance-off in Blackpool to the Battle of Waterloo.

Or Jason Donovan who said doing Strictly had been one of “the most incredible experiences of my life” comparing it to the birth of his kids and marrying his missus.

But maybe more seriously than Brucie – who wheeled out his jokes from the 70s about Blackpool landladies and buying Ronnie Corbett a ­sandwich toaster and him using it as a trouser press. His off-the-cuff remarks about Craig were far funnier.

The three celebrities were clearly desperate to win though.

Chelsee wheeled out her proud parents. Jason Donovan put his young kids on screen. As for Harry, he had to make do with Dougie STILL in his stupid bandana.

Of course, it made no difference. Along with I’m A Celebrity… they have done the double. McFly Mania has taken over the nation.


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It was one part of Strictly which had definitely not been choreographed – to the consternation of veteran host Sir Bruce Forsyth.
As boy-band drummer Harry Judd was crowned King of the Ballroom, his three bandmates from McFly invaded the stage to share his celebrations.
They leapt on top of him, leaving his dance partner Aliona Vilani standing alone and Sir Bruce in a panic.

Not realising they were friends of Judd, the 83-year-old host mistook them for troublemakers and shouted: ‘Get off the stage! Get off the stage! Get off! Get off!’ before trying to shoo them back to their seats.
To make matters worse, Judd’s father Christopher then appeared on stage at the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool.
A clearly irritated Sir Bruce said to Judd: ‘Is that your father? Is that your dad?,’ before also telling him to: ‘Get off! Get off!’ and waving him back to his seat.
Judd’s bandmates were unrepentant about their behaviour.

Tom Fletcher said: ‘I think Brucie thought we were streakers. We wanted to streak but I don’t think the BBC would be too happy about that.’
And Dougie Poynter – who this month triumphed in ITV’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! – tweeted: ‘Ha ha! Baited Bruce!’ Some fans of the show also took to Twitter and claimed Sir Bruce’s attempt to remove McFly from the stage was ‘the best television moment of 2011’ and ‘TV gold’.

Judd, who turns 26 on Friday, had been the odds-on favourite to win the show. He said afterwards: ‘First the boys came on and then my dad glided on to the stage too. I was like, “Dad, what are you doing?” ’
While some critical viewers questioned how much longer Sir Bruce could continue with his arduous Strictly schedule, BBC sources said he would ‘carry on for as long as he could’ and ‘would not even contemplate retiring’ while he was in good health. A source close to Sir Bruce said he was more than likely to return for the next series of the show.
Another added: ‘Sir Bruce is Strictly.’
Judd also had kind words for the perennial presenter, who had said the drummer was so good he could be a professional dancer. ‘I’m not sure if that is entirely true but it is kind of Bruce to say,’ he said. ‘It has been an absolute honour to be on the same show as Bruce and, thankfully, I got to say that to him.’
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I added to the gallery some new pics of Dougie and the rest of the guys arriving to the Strictly Come Dancing Final.

[x10]Candids > 2011 > Arriving To The Strictly Come Dancing Final, London – December 17

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It looks like Dougie, Tom and Danny had a lot of fun during Strictly tonight..they spent practically the whole night taking funny pics of themselves.

[x2]Twitter And Tumblr > Twitter

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Here are all the videos from today’s Strictly final that our Harry won!! Probably Dougie will not appear in all the videos but i thought it would be amazing to have all of Harry’s dances anyways as he and Aliona smashed it tonight!

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