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Posted by Sandra on December 3 2012

We pick eight of McFly’s greatest hits to celebrate the release of their greatest hits album

McFly outshone Busted the moment they arrived on the pop scene. Something about the band worked better than Busted ever did; the songs were better, the chemistry was stronger, and they had Dougie Poynter. Heck, they didn’t force this on an unsuspecting world like their forebears did.

The boys have been with us through eight crazy years of ups and downs, including Tom’s ill-fated flirtation with The Only Way is Essex. Despite that blip, we’re celebrating the best moments of the band with a trip down memory lane and a look at some of their best songs.

8. ‘One for the Radio

I couldn’t leave OFTR off my list because it was the moment McFly became MaquisFly: a rebellious pop movement to stick two fingers up at their record label oppressors. Our innocent boys turned towards a more developed pop-rock sound and re-imagined McFly for an audience that was growing weary of straight pop sounds.
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Posted by Sandra on April 1 2012

As you all know the boys yesterday performed at Wembley during a Saracens match, now thanks to @lana_mcflyxo we have a video of them performing Shine a Light. Enjoy!!

Posted by Sandra on September 18 2011

4music is searching the hottest boy band hit of all time and McFly are among the nominees with Shine a Light, we have until september 22 to vote for them here

Posted by Sandra on July 16 2011

A few days ago I posted a video of the guys performing “Shine a Light” at T4 on the Beach. Now I found this video with the same performance but with a brief interview with the guys before the performance.


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