Posted by Sandra on July 5 2012

As our boys are finally going to USA on September they opened to keep American fans updated, for now there’s only some posts of fans talking about why they want McFly to come to the USA but tomorrow the big announcement related to the dates in USA will be released there and on the twitter account they opened for it too. @McFlyUSAHQ as Supercity posted earlier

@SuperCityHQ #4thofMcFly? We like the sound of that! Stay tuned Friday 5pm ET on @McFlyUSAHQ #McFlyUSA – hilarious pics already up.

So if you live in the USA keep an eye on those sites and here aswell of course to be informed about the latest news about McFly’s trip to USA.

Posted by Sandra on July 2 2012

As we know from a while ago the boys are going to do some promotion in USA this year, now we have more concrete information as Tom replied to a fan on twitter saying they’re going during September and that an announcement will be released soon. We do know too that probably they’re only going to LA and New York for three weeks as a fan said they told her this on yesterday’s meet and greet.

As soon as we have more information on this we’ll post it.

Posted by Sandra on September 29 2011

I did a small update of the gallery with some pics of Dougie on different events this 2011. Hope you like them!

[x11]Events And Appearances > 2011 > Metro Radio, Newcastle – January 19

Dougie metro radioDougie Metro RadioDougie Metro RadioDougie Metro Radio

[x3]Events And Appearances > 2011 > Radio City, Liverpool – January 20

Dougie Radio CityDougie Radio CityDougie Radio City

[x8]Events And Appearances > 2011 > Real Radio, Manchester – January 20

mcfly real radiomcfly real radio1mcfly real radio2mcfly real radio3

…keep reading.

Posted by Sandra on September 23 2011

I just opened my twitter account and what was my surprise when i saw that Dougie changed his profile pic on Twitter!!! RIP the pirate pic.. welcome to the whip my hair back and fort pic!!lol

what do you guys think of his new default pic?liking it more than the pirate one?

Dougie twitter 2011

Posted by Sandra on September 22 2011

here’s a brief article of one of Sugarscape’s reporters who met mcfly the other day at the Blackberry 7 launch party..well she met Dougie, Danny and Tom.. Harry was missing because of Strictly Come Dancing.

If you click the pics you’ll see them bigger in the gallery.

[…]Amongst the riff raff of Made In Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex people, we’d heard it on good authority that the McFly boys were in the vicinity. We just so happened to bump into Danny and Dougie (it’s not like we were searching for them or anything…) who were drinking the same lovely, er, blackberry juice cocktails that we were. Could explain Dougie’s face on this one.

mcfly blackberry 7 launch party

Take two?

mcfly blackberry 7 launch party

Nope, now Danny’s in on the act too.

Unfortunately Harry wasn’t there to complete the pack but we did find Tom knocking around too. Three out of four ain’t bad.

mcfly blackberry 7 launch party

Tom’s pic is at the gallery of my friend’s Tom site. If you click the pic it will redirect you to it:)


Posted by Sandra on September 21 2011

Posted by Sandra on September 21 2011

I added to the gallery some more pics of Dougie and Tom at the Fearne Cotton Runway last night.

[x2]Candids > 2011 > Leaving the Fearne Cotton Runway, LFW – September 20

Dougie Poynter leaving fearne cottondougie leaving fearne cotton runway

[x3]Events and Appearances > 2011 > Fearne Cotton: Runway – LFW – September 20

Dougie Fearne Cotton runwayDougie Fearne Cotton runwayDougie Fearne Cotton Runway

Posted by Sandra on September 15 2011

I added to the gallery a new pic of Dougie with a lucky fan on the second day of the 2012 mcfly calendar photoshoot. I just can’t get over that he’s only wearing a bathrobe!

All the credit for the pic goes to the lovely @tanyabc90

Posted by Sandra on September 14 2011

British pop-punk boy band McFly have announced that they’ll embark on a massive 27-date theatre tour of the UK next year.

The four-piece have been working on their sixth studio album, and will most likely have the new record finished by the end of the year now that the band have revealed that they’ll tour the country extensively. Hopefully for McFly fans, you’ll be able to catch your favourites playing old classics and brand new material this coming spring.

The announcement was made earlier today and also told fans that the gigs would be held in theatre halls, which will provide interesting acoustics for the band. More info on dates and venues will be revealed in the coming months.


Posted by Sandra on September 11 2011

McFly will be doing a new web chat next tuesday at the supercity and they will make some new announcements.. Can’t wait to hear about this new announcements..maybe we’ll know the tour dates?

@SuperCityHQ McFly will be webchatting from a secret location this Tuesday. Make sure you’re in Super City for some great announcements!


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