Posted by Sandra on October 2 2011

Our boys won the battle of the boy bands poll that maximum pop had during the last week!! One Direction were a hard adversary during all the week but we, the mclfy army proved them that our guys are the best!
And to celebrate it Maximum pop are going to give away tickets for the next mcfly tour coming next year on the UK!

  1. For one whole week we’ve been asking you guys to vote for your favourite boy band. The best singers, the best dancers, the ones who write their own songs, play their own instruments, wowed us on reality TV, take the time to treat their fans well… Whatever your reasons, THOUSANDS of you voted…

    And now… After all the drama, the arguments, the reminiscing… We can finally reveal that the official Britain’s Best Boy Band crown goes to…


    8 years or so in the game, and McFly are still coming out on top! The boys have proven that no matter how long you’re releasing music for, you can always keep it fresh and always keep your fans close by!

    You can look back at all the highlights of McFly’s career in our Best Bits here, and drool over the boys in the Six Pack At Six special that we dedicated to them!

    Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll this week – it doesn’t matter if your fave didn’t win, because we love them all for different reasons anyway and they’re all winners in our eyes! :-D

    Now, McFly fans, don’t forget this means we will be giving away tickets to see the boys next time they’re on tour – so stay tuned to Maximum Pop! for that!



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