Posted by Sandra on September 5 2012

Dougie said to a fan in L.A. the other day that they’re planning the next tour in UK for March, he also says that Danny told him he has no idea of any book signings for the autobiography so I guess we’ll have to wait to know if any of this is true or not. For now it’s only rumors.

Posted by Sandra on November 3 2011

From now this is only a rumor so don’t take it to serious.

  1. Adding to the murmurs that Mark Wright from TOWIE fame and Imogen Thomas from “oh is that your boyfriend I’m going to shag him” are going into I’m A Celebrity… is a brand new shiny rumour that Dougie Poynter from McFly will be on his way down under to eat kangaroo balls.

    The lovely ladies at 3am were told by Arg from TOWIE – knwon to some as a human encyclopedia and notorious member of MENSA – that Dougie is definitely going in.

    “I’ve just been told that Dougie is definitely going to be on I’m A Celebrity”, were his exact words that he no doubt uttered solemnly, holding wisdom in his eyes and knowledge in his mind.

    “I swear! He is!”

    So there you go. Do with that what you will. Could we have two McFlyers as the kings of odd TV shows?


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