Posted by Sandra on April 16 2013

Love Is Easy and Room on the Third Floor made the short list for greatest music videos of the 21st Century on 4Music! You can vote for them HERE

Today we’re excited to announce our big forthcoming show, The World’s Greatest Music Videos of the 21st Century.

Yes, 4Music will be playing host to the best videos created since the year 2000 and we need YOUR help to decide what we play!

We’re giving you the chance to vote for your THREE favourites out of our shortlist of 150 amazing videos. Then we’ll compile all your votes to create an epic Top 100 Greatest Music Videos of the 21st Century chart, which will air on 4Music on Monday 6 May.

Posted by Sandra on August 18 2011

We can be a part of a super city documentary about the Room on the third floor album that they will be filming with Tom and Danny, we only have to call them and share our mcfly history with this album, we don’t need to be pioneers to call so if you wanna be a part of it and you’re not a member of the super city you can do it too.

Here are all the details that the super city posted on his site.

As you might have heard, we’ll soon be shooting a special documentary with Tom and Danny back at the Intercontinental Hotel, celebrating the history of Room On The Third Floor. For a limited time, we are opening our phone lines to you, the fans. Call and leave a voicemail telling us why Room On The Third Floor is so special to you. Tell us about the history of you and that album, your favourite song and why, or anything to do with what that album means to you…

  Call the number provided and when prompted, leave as concise a voicemail as possible, telling us your story (please, no longer than 20 seconds or else it won’t be used).

020 3286 8459 +4420 3286 8459 (International)

A number of these voicemails will end up being integrated and used in the film, so call now for your chance to be a part of this special film.

UK calls are charged at standard local rates and international calls are charged at standard international rates. Please ask the phone owner before making any calls to this number.


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