Posted by Sandra on July 2 2012

Danny tweeted a few minutes ago that he and the rest of the boys will start recording their sixth album on June 10. Can’t wait to hear the new songs!!

Posted by Sandra on January 27 2012

We can say now that this are old news as they’re alredady back from Wales but here’s the article.

IMAGINE an island where the only residents are the four lovely boys from McFly.

Imagine no more. The boys have taken over a tiny Welsh island to record their new album.

They are using a studio that becomes detached from the mainland during high tides.

“It’s great,” says 24-year-old Dougie Poynter. “There’s no way out when the tide’s in. We don’t get distracted. Then as soon as the tide goes out we can go to the shops.”

Rock ’n’ roll, boys.

Dougie also reveals Danny Jones is taking over the reins of production for the first time, doing all the techy bits and bobs. Impressive.



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