Posted by Sandra on September 19 2012

As I posted earlier the boys did a new photoshoot and some promo interviews related to the Greatest Hits Album, now we know that it was specifically for the release of the autobiography book and “Love is Easy” release as a single.

Posted by Sandra on August 8 2012

Do you like Dougie’s clothing line Saint Kidd?? then don’t miss the opportunity to win a Saint Kidd Promo Box signed by Dougie that includes among other things two of Saint Kidd’s shirts.

What do you have to do to win? simple, buy anything from their site during this week and you’re automatically on the competition.

Posted by Sandra on July 5 2012

As our boys are finally going to USA on September they opened to keep American fans updated, for now there’s only some posts of fans talking about why they want McFly to come to the USA but tomorrow the big announcement related to the dates in USA will be released there and on the twitter account they opened for it too. @McFlyUSAHQ as Supercity posted earlier

@SuperCityHQ #4thofMcFly? We like the sound of that! Stay tuned Friday 5pm ET on @McFlyUSAHQ #McFlyUSA – hilarious pics already up.

So if you live in the USA keep an eye on those sites and here aswell of course to be informed about the latest news about McFly’s trip to USA.

Posted by Sandra on July 2 2012

As we know from a while ago the boys are going to do some promotion in USA this year, now we have more concrete information as Tom replied to a fan on twitter saying they’re going during September and that an announcement will be released soon. We do know too that probably they’re only going to LA and New York for three weeks as a fan said they told her this on yesterday’s meet and greet.

As soon as we have more information on this we’ll post it.


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