Posted by Sandra on August 11 2012

Hey guys!! just wanted to let you know that I just uploaded 20 videos to the site’s video vault, some interviews and some performances, here’s some of them but you can check the rest HERE

Posted by Sandra on August 11 2012

A few days ago I posted a pic of Andy from the band Lawson rocking a Saint Kidd T-shirt, now his bandmate Joel has fallen under the Saint Kidd spell aswell. And as you can see Andy posted another pic of him wearing a Saint Kidd shirt again, seems that Dougie did a great job sending them some shirts, they are loving them and see them wearing the shirts is a good promotion for Saint Kidd.

Posted by Sandra on August 10 2012

McFly perform in front of 50,000 people in Hyde Park as part of the London 2012 Olympic celebrations.

Full video available for subscribers on
Video filmed and edited by David Spearing


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McFly Rhyl

CHART-toppers McFly have a special link with North Wales, and headed to the region to record material for their latest album. Now they’re looking forward to returning to help kick-start a revamped Rhyl venue, and bring the London Olympics to a close.

They will take to the stage on Sunday afternoon to perform their hits at Rhyl Events Arena, which for the first time has been turned into an enclosed, ticket-only space.

The show – which civic leaders hope will the first of many by big names in the Arena – also features The Struts and Dive Bella Dive, and will be followed by a free, live streaming of the Olympic Games’ closing ceremony on huge screens.

McFly bassist Dougie Poynter revealed the band find themselves back on the North Wales coast, after a brief visit in January when they came to gather material for their new album, which is still being recorded..

“It’s going to be mad in Rhyl,” said Dougie, who was recently crowned King of the Jungle in TV’s I’m A Celebrity… .

“We’ve got a full set so that means we’ve got lots of time to have fun and mess around on stage and that’s when we are at our best. We love coming to Wales, the people are awesome and we love your accents.

“We were in Holyhead at the start of the year to write some material. It was the first time we’d been there and it was amazing. We didn’t really know what to expect but it was so picturesque.

“There is actually one song in particular on the new album that was inspired by the area.

“Danny (Jones, the lead singer) is producing the new album too, which is cool because there’s no middle man, so it’s the first time it will just be 100% McFly.”

It has been a busy year for the band with Dougie’s stint in the jungle, plus drummer Harry Judd winning Strictly Come Dancing, but Dougie says there was never a doubt of the band splitting,

“It must seem like we’ve been apart for ages but we’re still very much together making music. We never go anywhere apart and we are always together behind the scenes.

“After Harry did Strictly he was actually offered to do a solo album for Mother’s Day, but he’s a drummer and doesn’t sing, I don’t think any of us would ever go solo.”

“We’ve got two shows coming up in LA and New York. We’re pretty much going over for fun. We know we’ve got fans over there so we thought we’d go and put on a show for them.”

McFly plus support, Rhyl Pavilion Arena, August 12. Tickets 01745 330000,


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We always liked making colourful revision charts a whole lot more than actually trying to remember the meaning of Osmosis, but apparently we’re not the only ones with the very secretive McFly tweeting a snap of the sticker chart they’ve made to keep on top of their new album’s progress.

Tweeting the image, Dougie said: “This is the board of progress for McFly album 6. Some songs are in code form.”

Luckily we are pretty talented when it comes to solving both crimes and popstar secret codes, so we thought we’d have a bash at interpreting the whole thing for you.

From our top class arithmetical skills, we have managed to work out that so far there are 13 songs, presumably represented by Dougie’s lovely little drawings.

We can’t really read what the first two say so we’re going to assume that they are some sort of smushed together grand opening. Hopefully involving an update of what happened to that girl with Five Colours In Her Hair after she got caught out in this summer’s TORRENTIAL AND PERMANENT DOWNPOUR.
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Get excited, McFly fans! Secrets about the next album are being shared.

Dougie Poynter shared a photo of the band’s album progress board, and although some of it is in code, we can’t help but feel excited.

“This is the board of progress for McFly album 6,” Dougie tweeted. “Some songs are in code form.”

We’re guessing there are 13 songs (so far), and we’re loving the secretive little doodles that represent each one.

Are you looking forward to Dougie, Danny Jones, Harry Judd and Tom Fletcher’s next album? Leave us a comment.


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I just uploaded the gallery with some pics of Dougie from the Keep Calm and Play Louder Tour, some candids and some pics from the Military Awards last year.
I also added a pic of Dougie with Tom’s pink Ukelele that Tom posted on twitter today.

[x1]Miscellaneous > Twitter

[x7]Candids > 2011 > Out And About In Manchester – March 19

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MTV Latinoamerica has a new poll on their website to vote for the best boyband of all time and McFly are included on the finalists list, and are far from being on the top, One Direction are winning.. for now. Make sure to go and vote for McFly HERE. Yo can vote as many times as you want until August 16th.

To vote just choose Mcfly on the list and click the button that says “votar”

Posted by Sandra on August 9 2012

I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie during McFly’s performance last year at Jolly Day Out.

[x23]Live Performances > 2011 > Jolly Day Out – August 28

Dougie Jolly Day OutDougie Poynter picsDougie McFly Jolly Day OutmcFly jolly day out

Posted by Sandra on August 8 2012

Do you like Dougie’s clothing line Saint Kidd?? then don’t miss the opportunity to win a Saint Kidd Promo Box signed by Dougie that includes among other things two of Saint Kidd’s shirts.

What do you have to do to win? simple, buy anything from their site during this week and you’re automatically on the competition.


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