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You can read below an interview that Danny did not long ago with FWord Magazine and also you can see the pics of the photoshoot in our gallery. And casualty or not Dougie appears on the printed edition of the same magazine this month so if you want to read his interview you can buy the magazine HERE



He is one of four members of one of the most successful bands of our generation, and with a creative record that speaks volumes, Danny Jones is becoming a symbol of what music should really be about. From the success with his band McFly, Jones has become a music producer desired by many, he not only wrote, co-wrote and produced some of McFly’s biggest hits – some of which are played on the radio to this date – but worked with One Direction composing and producing their last album together and has influenced several other artists of our times. Danny’s experience and skills have now landed him at the judging panel of The Voice Kids, on ITV, an endeavor he sees as a great platform to showcase and support young talents.

Danny’s passion for music dates from his early years when his mother got him music lessons due to his great and undeniable interest in music. He learned by doing it, spending countless hours practicing and trying out styles and beats. One thing that is clear, is that Danny Jones is not only a skillful writer and musician but one with a soul looking to tell a story. His passion, talent, and skills combined with this dazzling emotional rawness make him and his creations relatable and real, something our generation, and the one after ours, surely crave for.

We had the pleasure of meeting with Danny after his latest trip to LA to talk about music, his role as a judge at The Voice Kids and how this generation of young talents should be supported and taught. We meet with him at the Long & Waterson showroom space in Shoreditch, a beautiful and sophisticated yet relaxed new apartment development in the heart of East London. The set could not be more appropriate for this afternoon of candid and heart-warming chat with Danny.

As soon as we met outside Long & Waterson, Danny was chilled and friendly, shaking my hand and introducing himself – not that he needed any introduction as I have been a fan of his work since I was a teenager – I ask how he is doing and his answer is direct followed by a cheeky laugh, ‘I’m really well, just jet-lagged and hungry. But I am always hungry.’ We head inside the showroom and get him a healthy vegetable quiche from a nearby cafe. Once Danny had finished his ‘lunch’ we head to the grooming room where he straight-way starts a conversation with the team. Friendly, personal, and captivating.

We sit down at the living space and start chatting about his recent trip to Los Angeles, one which Jones describes as “relaxed and fun”. He tells me that he spent the first two weeks simply enjoying the city, eating burgers and drinking beer. He also attended the worldly famous music festival Coachella, seeing some bands and checking out “what the kids out there are listening to.”

Had you been to Coachella before? Never been. And I found it weird to go and have a beer and watch a band. (Laughs) Because you were in a band, is it different being on the other side? It is actually really nice because you usually hear so many bands from behind the stage and it’s just big loud beats, so to go upfront is like ‘oh, this is how we sound’, it’s kinda nice. But I just went there to see what the kids were listening to. It was interesting. When was the last time you were in LA? Two years ago. Hopefully, we’ll be back more. There are some really good vibes there.

I ask Danny if he found the scene in L.A to be much different from the one we see in the U.K, to which he replied; “I feel like maybe people get more excited over there. Maybe your crazy thoughts and dreams are a bit more out there.” Jones feels that in the U.K, artists tend to play with rawness and emotions more than in the U.S, they wish to tell a story and often don’t need to create a super complicated melody or over the top production as they rely on the emotional element in their songs.

“I find British musicians quite passionate and they create music to be personal. I love being moved by music. My idols are all kind of storytellers. Specially Springsteen. I listen to his music and I see him as an actor and I think ‘How does he find inspiration to write all these songs?’. I know that he watches a lot of documentaries and movies or he gets obsessed with something and I think he puts himself in those situations he is watching. He has character and I think, I need to do that. In the band, we sort of had some of those extensions from reality, from experiences we had and we used to chip in when writing a song, because we were in four, so we would bring our own personal experiences to the table.” …keep reading.

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I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie with Danny and Lara leaving the hotel where they were staying until yesterday in Birmingham.

[x4]candids > 2013 > leaving an hotel in birmingham – april 22

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Danny just posted on twitter a pic of Dougie sleeping. He looks sooo cute.


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I added to the gallery some new pics of McFly and James Bourne at their hotel in NY recording some songs. Seems that the pic I posted last night it was actually from New York:)

[x4]Miscellaneous > Instagram

@dannyjonesmcfly Hotel recording yeahhh donners

@tbagmcfly Dougie’s bass playing face…I think that’s his sex face too…just guessing of course……

@jamesfutureboybourne Gang vocals :-)

@tbagmcfly Hotel room studio. Writing songs for Mcfly by day, demoing songs for other bands by night.

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Dougie and Danny went to see Bon Iver in concert today with their girlfriends, Lara and Georgia. Georgia is the one who tweeted this pic of her with Dougie and Danny after the concert.

[x1]Miscellaneous > Twitter

Dougie Poynter Danny Jones

@GeorgiaHorsley1 Me @dougiemcfly & @dannymcfly post show. Taken by our lovely Lara. Xx

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I added to the gallery two more pics of Dougie leaving the Attitude Awards last night.

[x2]Candids > 2012 > Leaving The Attitude Magazine Awards, London – October 16

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Thanks to Danny who posted it on his instagram we have the first pic of Dougie at the Love is Easy video shoot… Looking hot Dougie..

*edit* danny just posted another pic:)

[x2]Miscellaneous > Instagram

@dannymcfly Hair clip!!! Awwwwww

Posted by Sandra on September 11 2012

Tom just posted on his Instagram account a new pic of Dougie and Danny solving some problems with the bass.

[x1]Miscellaneous > Instagram

@tommcfly Bass problems…

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I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie arriving at LAX with Danny.

[x8]Candids > 2012 > Arriving At LAX – August 29

Dougie Poynter LAX

Thanks to Larissa and fearlessfrance for the pics

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Danny just tweeted a pic of Dougie on the plane, ready to their departure to USA.

[x1]Miscellaneous > Twitter

@dannymcfly: @dougiemcfly all ready to go!!! On @VirginAtlantic :)


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