Posted by Sandra on August 3 2011

I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie during today’s meet and greet in London thanks to the lovely Rosie from tumblr.


Posted by Sandra on August 3 2011


Posted by Sandra on July 27 2011

Tom posted on his twitter a new video of him and the rest of the guys explaining what the Pioneer Journals are. Check it out below.

More info about the journals via Tom’s twitter:

– The one from the video is the UK Journal and for now the only member of the band that has writed on it is Tom. Dougie, Danny and Harry haven’t done their pages yet.

– They’re going to hand the journal to the first UK Pioneer when they’re back from Japan.

– Every journal has around 280 pages.

– They will send international Journals soon.

Posted by Sandra on July 25 2011

The UK meet and greets are soon and today we know via the super city twitter that tomorrow they’re going to post a application form on the super city site to apply for them.

@SuperCityHQ The application form for the UK M&G’s will be up on SC tomorrow eve. We’ve added more slots to cater for u all&that’s why we’ve reopened it!

Posted by Sandra on July 20 2011

If you’re still waiting for your pioneer pack to arrive you should read this.

Dear Pioneer,
Firstly, we would like to thank you once again for your continued patience. We know how long some of you have been waiting for your pioneer pack to arrive and we share your frustrations.
We can confirm we are in constant contact with the band’s management and have expressed our concerns regarding the length of time taken to sign the pioneer packs.
Unfortunately, we are not able to confirm a precise date as to when the certificates will be signed and on the way to you.
We were promised very recently that all outstanding certificates would have been signed and delivered by the end of last week.
However, this was not the case. Once again we at Sandbag are very sorry and appreciate this is very disappointing.
Please note we are in communication with the bands’ management regarding the above and stress we are doing all that we can to elevate the problem.
We ask that you do not contact us via email if you are one of the pioneers still waiting for their pioneer packs to arrive, as we do not have any other information, other than the above to impart.
However, we promise should we receive any new information we will of course let you know.
Many thanks for your continued patience and co-operation.
Kindest regards,
Sandbag Ltd



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