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Last night the world premiere of Dunkirk, aka the first Harry Styles Movie took place in London and the boys didn’t want to miss it! After the premiere Dougie also went to Lou Teasdale’s new store opening in London.



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Lads from the bands were hanging out at pop-up art gallery before Harry Styles went solo (ahem) to members only club The Groucho

We really should have paid more attention to Busted when they were singing about the Year 3000 – they predicted this all along.

You might remember the lyrics go (something) like this: “I went to the future and I saw everything. Boybands and another one and another one and another one.”

Well knock us down and call us Louis Walsh because this is probably the ultimate super-boyband of all time.

It’s a hybrid of One Direction, McFly and Busted – if we were allowed to just throw in one American for a bit of diversity, the addition of Justin Timberlake wouldn’t go a miss.

But hey, mustn’t grumble.

The lads were attending The Loughran Gallery pop-up opening party and were joined by a bunch of other trendy famous types in east London.

Harry Styles, Dougie Poynter, Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher and Matt Willis were no doubt chatting about what they went to school for and more importantly, what makes girls with five colours in their hair so beautiful.

Former Busted boy and I’m A Celebrity jungle king Matt was joined by wife Emma – who was confirmed as the new host of Big Brother this week.


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One Direction’s Harry Styles headed out with the beautiful boys of McFly last night, to the launch of a pop-up gallery in Shoreditch (obviously).

The boys all found time to strike pose together, knocking us almost unconscious with the collective gathering of dazzling good looks and witty charm. We don’t know how Dougie Poynter’s girlfriend Lara-Carew Jones is still standing – although she looks pretty happy, to be fair. ATTA GIRL.

A friend of McFly (according to Tom Fletcher’s “Spent the evening at a gallery looking at a friends awesome paintings” – we’re such detectives) The Loughran Gallery’s owner Juliette Loughran had a little cwtch with Harry Styles – and also Antony Costa from Blue, but we reckoned you’d rather see the pic of her with Harry. Sorry Antony.

Attending with his sister, Gemma, we imagine Harry had a splendid time absorbing the artwork, perhaps nibbling on a canape and supping from a glass of red with tones and hints of stuff we’ll pretend to understand, but really have no idea about.

“Some lovely pieces at @LoughranGallery pop-up this evening, well done @Jules_Loughran! Go check it out until Sunday in Shoreditch!” tweeted Gemma after the event. So it sounds like they all just had a WONDERFUL TIME.

Isn’t that lovely. Wonder if Harry or the McFly fellas bought any inspiring pieces to go in their billiards rooms above the log fires.


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You can also see pics of McFly at the gallery opening in our gallery HERE

He may only be 19-years-old but Harry Styles has already got an eye for art.

And not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to pick up a few pieces for his already well-adorned bachelor pad the One Direction singer headed down to the Loughran Gallery Pop-Up party on Wednesday.

However while Harry might have enjoyed perusing the art, fellow gallery goers may have been a little distracted – as the youngster wasted no time in creating the ultimate boyband line-up alongside members of McFly and Matt Willis.

It seems the pop-up’s collection, which was held at The Gallery in London in trendy East London, was quite a draw for boybands old and new.

Harry posed up alongside McFly members Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones.

The boyband extravaganza didn’t stop there though as they were also joined by Busted member Matt Willis.

While Harry was the youngest by far, he certainly was the best dressed as he looked very dapper in a blue shirt, overcoat and his trademark black skinny jeans.

The McFly members looked their usual casual selves, with Dougie appearing rather bohemian in a vintage-looking shirt and a sheep skin lined jacket.
…keep reading.

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I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie, Danny and Tom at the Loughran Gallery Pop-Up – Opening Party, they where there to support Lara at the inaugural day of her exposition. Matt Willis and Harry Styles from One Direction were there with the boys too. BTW Tom is wearing Saint Kidd..looking good on him:)

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Another article taking about Dougie’s interview when he talks about the new album.


When McFly announced their second greatest hits album Memory Lane last year, we didn’t speak to anyone for about a week ’cause we were scared the dream was over. But one wedding speech and lots of gym workouts later, the lads have *finally* been discussing their brand spanking new album. Huzzah.

Yuhuh – the boys are nearly ready to release their first proper studio album since 2010’s Above The Noise, and our fave guitar-strumming beaut Dougie Poynter’s been chatting all about it.

Having a chinwag avec Digital Spy, Doug said “It’s very, very us. There’s no-one really doing what we’re doing right now, probably because it’s not a very popular thing to do.” Agh, so fit yet so modest. And we’re loving the sound of it being very ‘them’. We’re literally never happier than when we’re singing Obviously at the top of our voices in the shower. Sorry not sorry.

And are the fellas happy with it? Of course they ruddy well are. “We’re very, very happy with [it],” he added. “It’s all just very feel-good.”

And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, Dougie’s also been telling all about a track the McFly boys penned with Niall Horan for One Direction. And let’s just say it all sounds *pretty* awesome.

What do you reckon? Excited for the lads’ new material? Glad they’re sticking to their trademark sound? Let us know what you think after we’ve watched the boys getting all serious on us. Ooh, this’d be a valueable addition to the album, don’tchathink?


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When we heard the news that McFly and One Direction were combining their fitness and making music together again, our ovaries went into some form of overload. The thought of so much testosterone, tattoo and trendy bouffant in one recording studio is just TOO MUCH to deal with. So to tip us over the edge, McFly’s Dougie Poynter’s decided to tease us even more about one of their new tracks…and it sounds like a frickin’ belter.

Brace yourselves, ’cause apparently the new McDirection music is ‘stadium epic’. Oh. My Gahd.

Chatting about their tune to BBC Newsbeat, Most Beautiful Bassist in the World Dougie said “It hasn’t got a title at the moment but we wrote the song with Niall. He’s got some good ideas so had a lot of input.” He’s also got good hair and a very sparkly set of teeth, but we guess that goes without saying.

And the big ol’ tease didn’t stop there, adding “They are smart guys. They know what they’re doing. They play to arenas and stadiums around the world, so I think it’s a bit of a challenge to come up with some songs to go with that.”

Oh HOLD THE PHONE AND SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Sounds to us like Dougie’s suggesting their new song’s gonna have us all jumping around doing silly dances in stadiums, probably chanting a mahoosive chorus and looking slightly ridiculous. Exciting. And we all know the lads have teamed up before on Up All Night’s ‘I Want’ and Take Me Home’s ‘I Would’, so this is gonna be frickin’ awesome, innit?

What do you reckon? Excited to hear the boys’ new tune? Leave us a comment after this very serious McFly vid and we’ll love you forever.


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McFly bassist Dougie Poynter has described a track the band co-wrote with One Direction’s Niall Horan as a ”stadium epic”.

Poynter, 25, hopes the song will be chosen to appear on the next One Direction album although no release date for the project has been set.

“It hasn’t got a title at the moment but we wrote the song with Niall,” he said.

“He’s got some good ideas so had a lot of input.”

It’s not the first time McFly and the 2010 X Factor finalists have worked together.

The tracks, I Would and Irresistible, from One Direction’s 2012 album Take Me Home were written by McFly lead singer Tom Fletcher.

“They are smart guys. They know what they’re doing. They play to arenas and stadiums around the world,” added Dougie.

“So I think it’s a bit of a challenge to come up with some songs to go with that.”

Waiting to record
Dougie Poynter was crowned winner of the 11th series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! in 2011.

McFly’s last studio album, Above The Noise, was released in 2010. Dougie revealed they are ready to get back in the studio.

“We’ve written all the songs we are just waiting to record them,” he said.

“Tom (Fletcher) is one of the best songwriters around but we have all had an input.

“We have this great sense of freedom. When you’re younger you write a song then ask yourself, ‘Is this cool?’.

“Now we are just like, ‘Look, we are very good at writing pop songs’. So, I think what comes out next will be very pop but still very guitar driven.”


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All About you was choosed by the 4 music people as their 4th Comic Relief fave song, The Saturdays were number 5, Spice Girls number 3 and Peter Kay number 2.. they haven’t said who’s their number one yet but I’m pretty sure they choosed One Direction‘s song…

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During last week we had to vote for Mcfly at the Celebritain Awards in the Best Live Act and Best Group categories, today we have the results.. McFly beat the One Direction boys in both categories!!!

After tens of thousands of votes were cast, tonight we can finally reveal the winners of the Celebritain Music Awards 2013 in association with
They are…

Best Live Act: McFly

Best Group: McFly



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