Posted by Sandra on February 17 2013

Thanks to mcflymetro for the scans and the interview.
Danny wasn’t there for the interview as his grandad died last week but he is at the pics as the photoshoot is from later last year.


Do you know of any babies conceived to McFlys’ music?
Tom: Our stylist is having our lyrics written on the wall above her bed, and she’s pregnant. She had her first dance to one of our songs.
Harry: We’ve had babies named after us. And tattoos. It’s all quite weird.

How do you feel about showbiz parties?
Harry: I’m convinced most people in the industry are quite cringeful. We’re just really normal people. We used to be quite cool but we’re partied out. We used to like to party but we’d go with friends.
Tom: I hate being social. I’ve got cats.
Dougie: We’re the Inbetweeners of the music world.

What’s the worst way you’ve dumped a girl?
Harry: Ask Danny that. He doesn’t – he just changes his lock.
Dougie: Some people out there still think they’re going out with him!
Harry: He’s got a good heart, he’s just a coward in the true sense of the word. People would say to us: ‘Danny hasn’t called us.’

You guys are hitting the road again in April. Are you excited?
Tom: Very. It’s the best part of what we do. We get a bit depressed when we’re not on tour or when it comes to an end.
Harry: there’s a twitition of people who are trying to get us to go on tour in Europe.

Mick Jagger hits the gym six months before a tour to make sure he’s physically fit. Will you buys be doing the same?
Tom: Apparently he has a running machine in his dressing room and he runs for 40 minutes before he goes on to get his adrenaline going.
Harry: I’ll be fine because I’m doing the marathon and have a show the day before and the day after. We have a masseuse who travels with us.
Dougie: It’s not pleasurable. It’s like sports massage, because guitars are so heavy. Danny’s got a warped back. He looks like something out of Dr Seuss.

Have you guys ever been told to lose weight or gain weight by anyone for work?
Harry: When we first started we were told to go to the gym by our manager, but we went twice.
Tom: Then we realised Girls Aloud used to hang out downstairs in the Jacuzzi so we spent more time in there. When we first met my manager he told me my teeth were bad and I was a bit fat, but he liked my songs. Thanks Richard!

Posted by Sandra on July 19 2012

I added to the gallery some scans of this week’s OK! magazine that features a pic of Dougie at the Chariots of Fire afterparty.

[x2]Scans > Magazines > 2012 > OK Magazine

credit for the scans go to mcflymetro

Posted by Sandra on July 2 2012

We finally have the pics of Tom and Giovanna’s wedding! I added to facebook the scans of the OK! Magazine issue about the wedding. You can check all the pics at the facebook page clicking on the pic below.

Posted by Sandra on November 15 2011

Thanks to KarenStevenson I added to the gallery the scans of this week’s OK Magazine that features a special article about Tom and Giovanna’s engagement celebration. How sweet is that Giovanna says that Dougie is like their son?awwwww.

[x5]Scans > Magazines > 2011 > OK Magazine Issue 803


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