Posted by Sandra on February 12 2013

James Bourne confirmed last night that McFly are heading to New York soon, promotional trip? writing trip? don’t know but only the thought of McFly on USA makes me happy!

Posted by Sandra on July 19 2012

yesterday I also posted something related to this Perez Hilton’s giveaway but now he already posted it on his site so here it is again:

Today’s the day, McFlyfers! (McFly for lifers!)

If you’ve been wishing, hoping, PRAYING for those sexy British pop-rocks to make it over stateside, then you’re in luck!

McFly will be bringing their cheeky, musical bums to the United States for TWO very special concerts: one at the El Lay’s famed Roxy on September 10th, the other on September 13th at NYC’s Gramercy Theater!

BUT HERE’S THE MOST AWESOME SAUCE PART! We’re giving away tickets!! FO FREE!!!

CLICK HERE!!! to enter in the McFly USA ticket giveaway!

And then hold your breath, count to three, and (hopefully) come with us to a world of pure McFly-ination!



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