Posted by Sandra on February 22 2013

I added to the gallery some new pics of McFly and James Bourne at their hotel in NY recording some songs. Seems that the pic I posted last night it was actually from New York:)

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@dannyjonesmcfly Hotel recording yeahhh donners

@tbagmcfly Dougie’s bass playing face…I think that’s his sex face too…just guessing of course……

@jamesfutureboybourne Gang vocals :-)

@tbagmcfly Hotel room studio. Writing songs for Mcfly by day, demoing songs for other bands by night.

Posted by Sandra on February 19 2013

The lovely @Lin_McFlyUSA meet Dougie and Tom today in Toys’R’Us and she send me a pic of her with them. Only sighting we have of the boys in New York so far.


Posted by Sandra on February 18 2013

Dougie and Tom arrived to New York last night and today they’re going back to work, recording time for them with James Bourne!

Posted by Sandra on February 1 2013

Seems that McFly are going to New York very soon acording to a conversation in twitter that Tom had with a Marvel editor.

Posted by Sandra on September 30 2012

I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie from both shows at the Gramercy Theater in New York.

[x26]On Tour > US Tour > Gramercy Theater, New York – September 13

dougie new yorkdougie poynter new yorkmcfly new yorkmcfly usa

[x10]On Tour > US Tour > Gramercy Theater, New York – September 14

All the credit for the pics goes to Briana

Posted by Sandra on September 22 2012

I added to the gallery two new candids of Dougie in New York from September 16th.

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Posted by Sandra on September 17 2012

Last night I got to be a VIP at McFly’s first-ever NYC show, the first of two nights at The Gramercy.

The crowd could not have been more ecstatic for their long-overdue appearance—the band apologized for waiting nine years (has it been that long???)—and even sang an entire McFly song while waiting for the boys to do their encore.

They played a solid 90 minutes of old and brand-new material, impressing me with their musicianship and energy. They’re not entirely my thing—so rockabilly and even country in spots, but very Linkin Park to my ear overall—but they definitely have chops. They can’t be mistaken for a “boy band.”

One odd thing for me was the banter with the audience because I was wholly unfamiliar with Danny and Dougie’s speaking voices. Both were kind of putting on characters and it threw me. Danny sounds like Bobcast Goldthwait when doing this. But I loved their mocking American accents and stereotypes, such as, “Ah, New York, home of Carrie Bradshaw!” When they got everyone to count to four, they demanded we do a Brooklynesque “fo-wuh.” Cards, all.

More video of the hard-working guys to come!


Posted by Sandra on September 17 2012


McFly have been a bit quiet on the musical front for a while, but the lads have just announced that they’ll be releasing new track Love Is Easy later on this year. HOORAH!

The lads have been keeping themselves busy touring the world, penning autobiographies and writing songs for One Direction, but the lads let slip that they are getting ready to release new single Love Is Easy.

“It will be out in the UK around Christmas time, so it won’t be on the new album, no,” Tom told Billboard.

But in the mean time the lads are still hard at work on the sixth studio album, although they did reveal it probably won’t be out until next summer.

At least we’ve got Love Is Easy to look forward to and although they actually only wrote it a few weeks ago, it sounds like it’s going to be a bit of a goodie.

Here they are performing it for the first time..

We’re not going to lie, we bloody love it, but what do you think?

Comments below please!


Posted by Sandra on July 21 2012

McFly sold out of tickets for their New York gig – in just two minutes.

“Just heard that the NY show sold out in TWO MINUTES,” Tom Fletcher tweeted. “Awesome. We’ll be announcing a second NY show later!!!!!!”

The news comes after Tom – along with bandmates Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd – announced that they would be playing two intimate shows in the US – Los Angeles’ Roxy Theatre on September 10th and New York City’s Gramercy Theatre on September 13th.

“We have some fans in America that have been fans for like eight or nine years — right from the beginning — so much so that they fly over to see us in the U.K.,” Tom previously told “It’s amazing that they are so dedicated. So I think we owe it to them to come over.”


Posted by Sandra on July 20 2012

I’m sooo happy to write this for all the American fans that waited for the boys to come there to do some gigs for a long time. So here’s the good news..
The first show in New York was SOLD OUT in only 2 minutes!!!!! American people.. you rock!! and if you weren’t lucky enough to get your ticket don’t worry Tom just posted that they’re going to add a second date in New York so when we have more info we’ll let you know!!
And don’t forget that the tickets for the L.A. show goes on sale soon!


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