Posted by Sandra on April 16 2013


We have a confession to make. We couldn’t be more frickin’ excited for the new McFly album if we tried. It hasn’t even been that long since we last caught up with the lads and they released their Memory Lane Greatest Hits album and all that malarky, but we miss them too much. We miss Tom Fletcher’s wedding speech-y ways, we miss Harry Judd’s arms, we miss Dougie Poynter’s hair and we miss Danny Jones IN GENERAL. And obviously she’s outta my league any news of their brand spanking new studio album has us feeling a bit funny.

So you can imagine our excitement as the fellas have revealed they’ve gone and found themselves a ‘new style’ for their next record. Oh. Em. Gee.

Chatting to the Daily Star about their new tunes, the boys teased “We’ve got so many good songs. We thought we had two or three singles ages ago but we’ve developed a new style and a whole new set of songs since then. It’s a progression from the last album. We’re trying to be ourselves and let it happen naturally.”

Ooh, if you want it to all happen ‘naturally’ may we suggest you make it a nudist concept album centred around how clothes are overrated and au naturale is the way forward? With accompanying naked artwork and music vids? Fab. It’s a deal.”

And according to Harry the boys can’t see the end of the road for McFly anytime soon. He told the paper “We’re all normal guys and there’s no massive egos. Tom and Danny should have massive egos but they don’t. Our insecurities keep us normal. I say maybe when we’re 50 or 60 we’ll call it a day and they’re like, ‘No, we’ll carry on’.”

YAY. What with this and the fact the fellas are working on new tracks avec One Direction, we think our ovaries are about to explode. What do you reckon? Excited to hear the boys’ ‘new style’? Comments after this vid, y’all.


Posted by Sandra on August 10 2012

Get excited, McFly fans! Secrets about the next album are being shared.

Dougie Poynter shared a photo of the band’s album progress board, and although some of it is in code, we can’t help but feel excited.

“This is the board of progress for McFly album 6,” Dougie tweeted. “Some songs are in code form.”

We’re guessing there are 13 songs (so far), and we’re loving the secretive little doodles that represent each one.

Are you looking forward to Dougie, Danny Jones, Harry Judd and Tom Fletcher’s next album? Leave us a comment.


Posted by Sandra on July 31 2012

Apparently we’re going to have a new McFly album before we expected but not with new songs.. it will be a Greatest Hits album apparently, at least that’s what appears on their official FB page.
Personally I don’t think it’s time to release a new Greatest Hits Album as the one they already released it’s from 2007.

We are Mcfly.

We’ve been a band for 9 years and have released 5 studio albums. Late this year we release our autobiography and a greatest hits album – and our new 6th album is due in the summer of 2013!

Anyway, we’ve come a long way over the past 9 years but we wont bore you with it here…that’s what wikipedia is for!


Posted by Sandra on April 20 2012

McFly’s next album will be ”100 per cent” their vision and a ”natural progression” of their career, says singer Tom Fletcher.

McFly’s next album will be ”100 per cent” their vision.

The ‘Shine A Light’ hitmakers will enter the studio to work on the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Above the Noise’ later this year and singer Tom Fletcher believes the record – which they plan to produce themselves for the first time – will be a ”natural progression” of their career.

He said: ”It will be the first album where it’s 100 per cent exactly how we envision the album to be.

”It doesn’t feel like a shift in direction like the last album. It doesn’t feel like a conscious change. It just feels like a very natural progression. It feels like what we should be doing.”

Tom admits ‘Above the Noise’ – which was produced and co-written by Dallas Austin – was a ”big experiment” for the group but he thinks it was important they try something new.

He told ”I think it just felt like at the time it would be good for us to progress somehow and try something new. It’s important for it to feel fresh for the band as well and for it to keep being exciting.”

McFly – also comprising Danny Jones, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter – have performed some new songs during their current UK tour and Tom is particularly pleased by the response to a track called ‘Red’, as it is so different to their previous material.

He said: ”I’m surprised that fans latched onto that one really, because it’s very different from our normal kind of songs.

”And it doesn’t really have a big, catchy sing-a-long type chorus. It’s quite a progressive song for us.”


Posted by Sandra on January 27 2012

We can say now that this are old news as they’re alredady back from Wales but here’s the article.

IMAGINE an island where the only residents are the four lovely boys from McFly.

Imagine no more. The boys have taken over a tiny Welsh island to record their new album.

They are using a studio that becomes detached from the mainland during high tides.

“It’s great,” says 24-year-old Dougie Poynter. “There’s no way out when the tide’s in. We don’t get distracted. Then as soon as the tide goes out we can go to the shops.”

Rock ’n’ roll, boys.

Dougie also reveals Danny Jones is taking over the reins of production for the first time, doing all the techy bits and bobs. Impressive.


Posted by Sandra on August 29 2011

At least that’s what Dougie answered to a fan via twitter this morning. The fan tweeted him and harry asking when mcfly are going to release a new album and he said that. Can’t wait to hear the new songs!!

@dougiemcfly @Nicole_Louise_ next summer we hope x


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