Posted by Sandra on April 6 2013


McFly might be pretty busy guys, but in between wearing panda onesies and writing hit songs for One Direction, they’ve managed to put aside a bit of time to work on some pretty exciting new material of their own. In fact, they’re so excited that they’ve even decided to share an acoustic performance of one of their new songs, My TVR.

We could never get bored of McFly and while it seems unlikely that anything will ever top the genius that is 5 Colours in Her Hair, we are LOVING the more acoustic vibe they seem to be into these days. Clearly we’re not the only ones and the lads have debuted a shiny new track, which is filling us with high hopes that there are many more where that came from.

That said, it’s good to see that no matter how grown up and settled down they are, they will still happily finish a pretty serious and emotional performance with some chat about poo. That’s why we love them. In fact, the living room sing song is so nice that we can almost imagine Harry shaking some percussion made out of an old Pringles tube filled with rice in the background.

Check it out…

This is so good we’ll almost forgive the lads for not writing a song about the time we made Tom impersonate the swans famed for their appearance in The Notebook.

So what do you think about all that then?



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