Posted by Sandra on June 30 2011

Rock Kent did a review of the ‘Music on the Hill’ festival that took place last weekend and they of course mentioned McFLY. And really this is a worth it review to read.

From the screams that emanate from the crowd when they catch even a glimpse of a member of McFly (10/10) it’s pretty obvious what we’re dealing with here. The 4-piece take to the stage and storm into recent hit “Party Girl” and it’s pop at its saccharine best. It’s simple but it works and it’s easy to see where comparisons to The Beatles and The Beach Boys come from. On record McFly are as slick and polished as everything else in the charts but there’s something about this band live that has real edge.

Tracks like “Lies” off their self-released album “Radio:ACTIVE” aren’t a far cry away from bands such as All Time Low and Simple Plan and this poses another question- If McFly had been marketed differently, could they have been featured in magazines such as Kerrang or Rocksound? They’re a lot heavier than a fair few pop-punk bands featured in those publications and they’re certainly a lot better live than most, plus, the songwriting itself is faultless.

Lead singer Danny holds the crowd in the palm of his hand whether it’s telling them to get up or get down and everyone does what they’re told. He leaps around the stage and spins like a pinwheel during breakthrough single “The Girl With 5 Colours In Her Hair” and bassist Dougie could easily be playing in a hardcore band the amount he rocks out. An acoustic medley of “It’s All About You/Obviously” reminds everyone why they fell in love with the band in the first place and for those like myself who were fairly ambivalent towards the group shows how gifted these individuals are. It’s really obvious when an artist or band dials in a performance. You can just tell. Yet even though McFly do this every single day, they play as if their lives depend on it and they put every part of themselves into it.
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Posted by Sandra on June 29 2011

I added to the gallery some new pics of Dougie from backstage at Alton Towers and from the Music on the Hill performance.




Posted by Sandra on June 26 2011

Thanks to DanniemcFLY here are some videos of the guys performing last night at the Music on the hill festival.

All About You:

All ABout You/Obviously:

The Heart Never Lies:

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Posted by Sandra on June 26 2011

I added to the gallery a few pics of Dougie from the performance the guys did in ‘Music on the Hill’ yesterday.


Posted by Sandra on June 25 2011

The webchat with the guys from Kent just ended and they said that we’re going to have another one very soon… next Tuesday!!!

As soon as we get more info we’ll post it.

Posted by Sandra on June 25 2011

Today the guys are playing at the Music on the Hill festival in Kent and before the show they’re going to do a webcast for the Super City members. Make sure to log in to the Super City around 6 PM UK Time as it seems that this will be the time for the webcast!


Finally the webchat will be at 6:30 PM UK time.

Posted by Sandra on June 23 2011

The guys are set to do a live webchat from the super city this saturday as the @SuperCityHQ just posted.
That’s all the info we have for now:

McFly will be in a LIVE WEBCAST from backstage at the Music on the hill festival in Kent this Saturday evening. We can’t tell you an exact
time yet, but it will be from 6pm in the band webchat room. Make sure you’re logged on and we’ll let you know what time via Twitter.


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